As always, the weekend meant some time for fun in EQ 🙂

On friday night, we got a group of the guild together to progress MoA which was a hoot.  First of all, we had to go down to HoF for the last update before the trials.  I still squealed in the room that had around 20 Drakes – where you just dive in and AoE the heck out of everything 🙂  but there was never any fear of anyone staring at that nasty screen saying “You have died”. 

After that real quick update, we had such a fantastic group together and we were on a roll, so we decided to proceed with the first 2 trials together.  Once again, because some of the guys had already done the trials, we had absolutely no problems.  And then I decided to finished the 3rd solo trial.  I took some screenshots and might add them to this post later.  After clicking on the dragon statue for the buff to complete this trial, I was awestruck to see Kil in dragon form. 

 All now that remains is the epic part of the quest.  We certainly have plenty of folks eager to complete it, and Kil is eager for the pretty necklace reward 🙂

Sunday was also a whole bunch of fun.  Raid into the courts did not go on as scheduled, but we did have a bit of a run through DoF taking out named epics for aa.   Lockjaw was an awesome sight, and it was nice to have a revenge kill of that epic raptor .  Afterwards, there was helping a friend with a few quick quest updates in LP and a bit of crafting, and a nice weekend was rounded out 🙂

RL continues to have quite a bit of drama, and I am reminded of Bilbo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings feeling like butter spread over too much bread.  This makes my game time quite precious to me.  It is my distraction and what helps to keep me sane.  Hopefully I shall be back to my normal chirpy self  soon enough.

Happy gaming everyone!