Horrible traffic on the way home last night 😦  so once I had dealt with the real life stuff and settled down for a little fun and games, it was a little later than usual.

It was really lovely to see, but we had a whole bunch of folks online in guild who I have not met before.    I hope that some of these folks can come and join our Labs raid tonight – it will be so much fun if we can have a full raid.

As usual, I grouped up with my friend Wazza almost as soon as I logged on.  I was very pleased for him yesterday because he was promoted to officer.  It is very well deserved.  I thought he was an officer right back when I joined the guild, because of how he conducts himself – always helping anyone that needs it, conducting himself in a way that I imagine guild officers should by encouraging positive, inclusive activity.

Well we were deciding what to do for the evening when we noticed some conversation about quest updates for Hooluk hat in guild chat.  We didn’t feel like going into SoS or PoA for Claymore, so we offered to help.  Well it turned out that there was a bunch of folks who were after that update, including another of the Templars in guild. 

While I felt a little sad and left out, I was more than happy to leave the group and make room for the folks who needed the updates.  It didn’t seem fair for me to take a group spot when someone else actually needed the update.  2 people actually sent me a /tell to say ty for making room for them.  They didn’t have to do but I thought it was nice of them.

I then happily set about finishing my deity quests.  Although there was a bit of running around, these quests are essentially very easy, and I cant believe I had not already done them.   The last step of the quest line required Dragon speak to get my deity cloak, so it made the pain of finishing that running around worthwhile 🙂 

So Kilanna is now the proud wearer of her cloak of Tunare giving her bonuses to her healing – always a good thing.  I also had a look at getting her some adornments for the gear that I know she is not going to be upgrading any time soon.   I want to concentrate on the ones that give additional Wisdom and additional healing of course.  I have been lucky that my vendor has been ticking over nicely the last few days so I can spend some plat and not leave her completely broke.

Although Wazza and I were not grouped – we talked a lot while we were enjoying ourselves.  We chattered about the direction of the guild, about what we thought a guild officer should be, about various quest lines, about adornments.  I am wanting to do some more Claymore, start on SoD and get my Orb of Tunare which is a lovely ranged item for a healer.  I am also really looking forward to getting my MoA neck piece too.

I expressed a little of my concern to him about the number of Templar in the guild and how I am worried Kil might end up missing out.  He offered to assist with funding Kil’s betrayal if that was something I wanted to do.   This issue of betrayal keeps coming up for Kil.  Betraying at lvl 70 is a huge deal and something I have decided I dont want to do, but there are definitely some days when the fact there are so many Templars in guild is not a plus 🙂

The main thing that stands out to me about last night, is that it was about guild life.  It was about the social aspects of the guild family and collaboration.  Thinking about helping colleagues as individuals and the guild as a whole.