A new PC for Kilanna! Wednesday, Aug 22 2007 

My husband recently got a new PC.    He had EQ 2 running and it looked so lovely, I was very jealous 😦  I have also seen how pretty the screenshots from a decent PC look.

I had thought that I would wait until Christmas to get my new PC, but last week I decided that I could not wait anymore.  After more than 4 years, it is time to get myself some new bling.  So over the weekend, my husband and a friend spec’d me out a new system :

CPU = Intel Quad Core Q6600

VID card = Nvidia 8800GTS 640mb

Motherboard = Gigabyte DS3R G33

RAM = Corsair 2gb

HDD = 320GB

*giggles* Should be nice enough for my EQ2 habit.  I already have decent peripherals – even though I want to upgrade to the Logitech G15 keyboard sometime,  and get a sexy widescreen monitor too.  I currently have a logitech wireless mouse/keyboard combo that I am very happy with even after 4 years.  I have very nice speakers already so I am in no rush to replace them either.

Everything except the RAM is in stock, so hopefully it should be delivered at the end of the week or early next week.  Oh and did I mention I am on vacation next week 🙂


On a night like this. Wednesday, Aug 22 2007 

Well last night saw our regular scheduled Tues night labs raid.  We had 22 folks in raid which looked pretty good.  But boy oh boy the raid absolutely sucked.   2 weeks ago, we cleared the zone with 16.  Last night we wiped about half a dozen times on the Corsolander before we decided to give up.

We were missing the MT Dirge and our coercer.  This meant that Guild Lead had to have both his Dirge and Templar in MT group.   Oh my goodness I can not tell you how much I really missed grouping with the bard – Power management was a HUGE issue.   It really does go to show the importance part that each and every class plays in a raid.

Regardless of how much the mobs completely sucked, we had a good time and a few giggles over team speak between combat. 

Last night also saw a taste of a little guild drama.  Nothing too awful, just some minor dialogue in guild chat that was a little annoying.   A couple of grumpy folks and a few grumpy words spoken.  I figure if that is as bad as it gets then we are pretty lucky indeed.

I am very much looking forward to tonight – we are going to a new raid zone to try it out.  We are going to Freethinkers Hideout with an aim of attempting the first named.   I dont think there are any plans to get further than that – but I am not sure.  I am guessing the aa and guild status will be pretty good.

Well I suppose that is just about enough rambling for me for a while.  Happy hunting all.

Heritage Quests – Frustration or Fun? Tuesday, Aug 21 2007 

As I have previously mentioned, currently we have an in guild competition.  20pp to the person earning the most guild status this month.   This works in quite nicely with one of my in game wishes to get Kil a manor house in South Qeynos – so I am a woman on a mission getting my Guild Status points.   It also really helps to push the guild that last couple of levels toward guild level 60 before RoK.

Rather than just grinding crafting writs or faction writs for status, I thought I would have a crack at some HQ’s.  I had not done so many on my girl while I was leveling because I was mostly online at different times to the rest of my guild at the time.   I also really wanted to experience some of these key quests for myself rather than just read about them on EQ2i.  Well I have found this to be a mixture of fun and frustration. 

On the frustration side, take the example of getting the starter for the screaming mace HQ.  For almost 2 hours I camped the PH to get Agony to spawn – and that was just to get the quest starter.  Also take the Shiny Brass Shield HQ – At lvl 70, I do not have a hope in heck of completing a quest 3 tiers below me without help.

On the fun side – I have enjoyed quests like Ghoulbane, the Missing Mask, and War and Wardrobe.  I have enjoyed taking my girl into zones like DFC and Crushbone Keep.   It doesn’t matter to me that I have not been getting any aa, xp or useful rewards.  It has been fun to look around these zones and to potter at working through the quest content.

OK – so here is what I would like to ponder out loud – why are some of these HQ’s so incredibly frustrating?  I appreciate that HQ’s are meant to be special quests, providing special rewards and requiring extraordinary effort – but I still can not get over the fact that I camped 2 hours just for the starter to the Screaming Mace HQ and no joy 😦   I wanted to experience this quest content – so why make it so hard just to start the darn thing. 

In other news – I went for a run down to the lvl 70 version of Nek Castle with some guildies last night.  We finished the zone REALLY quickly with a group of 5.  It was a superb group actually – Zerker, Brig, Dirge, Illusionist, and Kil healing.   Kil had never been there before so *ding* 98 aa points for my girl 🙂   You would not believe that it happened right in the middle of a nasty combat and I was so busy healing that I missed it.  I didn’t realise until a few people sent me Grats messages.

The named Golem (cant remember his name unfortunately) dropped a lvl 70 Inquis master which Kil promptly sent on to the new Inquis in guild.  And well you would not believe but less than 10 mins later, the Inquis group in SoS had a Templar master drop which they sent on to Kil *cheers*   8 Masters for my girl in 2 days!

So now I am just going to get the master upgrade for her pet hammer, and then it is back to saving up my coin in anticipation of RoK.    I really really want the master of Sanctuary, but no way am I paying 50 plat for it 😦

After playing EQ2 for well over a year now, I wonder if I will ever tire of the game.  Right now I just dont ever see that happening.  There is a Plethora of game content that I have not even experienced yet – and more and more coming in the next few months.  SoE just seem to be doing everything right at the moment don’t they 🙂

Fun in Unrest – and a little crafty goodness. Monday, Aug 20 2007 

Well I logged on Friday night with no real plan.

It turned out that my regular group of friends were only on real quick – one had an early start for work and the other was pretty sick with this nasty flu that is going around, so Kil was at a loose end.

That was until a few of the guys suggested a trip to Unrest 🙂

4 people in the group had only been in there a couple of times before, so we were all pretty much learning while we were going.  There were quite a few deaths at the beginning until we hit our rhythm, but we ended up clearing and finishing the zone.

Well, loot was fantastic – we ended up with a few masters –  Kil managed to win lotto on one of them.  Swashy and SK both got pretties – but Kil got what she thinks is probably her prettiest of pretties yet.

The Cloak of Unrest.  12 Wis and +10% on re-use timers (among a few other things).  I could bearly contain my excitement when it dropped and Kil rolled massive on her lotto roll.  Guild lead was there on his Dirge boy, and said he would have mobbed me for the cloak if he had been on his Templar boy 🙂

Pottered around a wee bit over the weekend between chores and family time doing some lower lvl HQ’s.  At times they are very frustrating.  Many of them are a huge timesink IMHO.  I guess they are supposed to be quite special quests, but I was driven to distraction and gave up on a couple of them.

I love the house items you  get for completing HQ’s – and love the status, but am probably going to give up on doing any more of them.  For example, I was trying to get the Starter for the Screaming Mace HQ.  I was camped killing PH for over one and an half hours and nothing 😦  I could have just been doing regular writs and had almost 9K personal status per writ during that time – but I was wanting to experience a key quest in the game and not just grind.  Oh well you know what they say – Patience is a virtue!!

So on to Sunday then – and we had another trip to Unrest.  Loot was pretty ordinary, but a lot smoother run.  It was just a heap of fun to hang out with some of the guildies and kill stuff 🙂

We had a very quick Courts raid too – finishing in a little over an hour which was cool.  Kil was in MT group again, and it feels like my first couple of raids again.  Afterwards, I was thinking about things I should do differently, or things I would like to try.  I am very lucky because I group with MT a lot outside of raids, so we can try a few things outside of the pressure of raids.

When raid broke up it was still pretty early.  Guild lead had mentioned to me that he had been looking at Templar masters and that there were a few on the broker at very reasonable prices. 

My girls vendor had been ticking over quite nicely the last few weeks, so I had some 29 plat to play with.  As mentioned in a previous post I have been contemplating getting her some upgrades.  Well last night I spent just over 25 Plat and got 7 masters – yes that is correct – 7 masters for my girl.   Among my treasures were  single target heal over time, group cure arcane, group heal when target monster dies, one buff, one debuff, and what I would consider a “panic” heal.  I dont imagine I will get too many others though – most of the other masters I was looking at are priced 30 – 50 Plat.  But what I have got is good enough for now 🙂

After that then – I did indeed manage to drag myself away from Kil long enough to get 2 quick levels of Carpenter on Chalithra.  In case I have not already mentioned it enough, I absoulutely ADORE the new changes to Tradeskill writs.  Even with only 4 recipes per lvl, I managed 2 lvls in around an hour and still around 85% Vitality.  I wonder if these changes will see us with more high lvl tradeskillers – but I don’t know that it necessarily will.  You still have to have the inclination to harvest or buy the resources, and take the time to get your levels. 

So – I have started the run at my ambitious goal of getting all my girlies to the end of T7 crafting before the expansion.  Carpenter, Alchi and Sage first.  Provisioner and Woodworker next, then Tailor Armourer and Weaponsmith I think.  I just get into a “zone” with harvesting and crafting – one which I enjoy, but I know it is not everyones cup of tea.

Happy gaming everyone 🙂

Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition? Friday, Aug 17 2007 

Well – I have heard the news today – despite 3rd edition and Edition 3.5 in the last 7 years, it has been leaked today that the Fourth Edition of D&D will be launched next year.

*Sigh* we have collected source books and adventures and core rule books – and once again they are to be superceded 😦

Oh well – we have enough 3rd edition stuff to keep us going a while longer, and so we are in no hurry to rush out and get the new edition when it is released.

Showing my complete geekyness to all here –  but in 8 more days my husband and I are going away for a week with our D&D group.  We have hired a beach house for the week a couple of hours up the coast.  Even though it is winter, the weather during the day is nothing short of sensational at the moment, so there will be some nice things to do during the day I hope.  After 15 years, our group has become very close knit and we are all like family to each other.   We are all desperately looking forward to it.  I am sure there will be plenty of late nights, lots of Pizza and Beer, and lots of roleplaying. 

My husband is planning on kicking off his Ptolis campaign, or continuing with our Drow game. 

I was thinking of playing a caster type in Ptolis, because I like the idea of charming and mezzing the bad guys 🙂  I have only played one caster in our pen and paper games before so it should be a lot of fun.

Friday!! Thursday, Aug 16 2007 

Well, another week over!!  One week closer to my vacation (THANK GOODNESS!)

The last couple of nights have been so much fun online for Kil – completely action packed – not a minute to spare 🙂

After the extended server down time on Tuesday (le sigh – right in my prime play time), our labs raid was postponed til Wednesday.

Raid lead and guild lead wanted to mix things up a bit so Kil was in MT group *gulp*.  I didn’t feel like I did the best job but we had completely re-arranged the groups so we were all feeling it I think.   It was I think the quickest lab raid we have ever done – clearing the zone by 9.30pm my time.  Kil was also a very happy girl when Vyemm dropped her class breastplate (Firebrand breastplate).  This now means that Kil is starting to look the part too – all in gold except her shoulders.  *giggles* I still think the guild MT Templar looks much hotter in that armour than Kil – he is a very handsome boy.

After raid, a few of the boys wanted to run through CoV and OoB.  We were tanked by the Dirge can you believe – and it was awesome.  We finished the zones with relative ease, and at a blistering pace.  It was a huge buzz, and really enjoyable.  Helped a few of the guys get some nice updates to their gear so everyone was happy.

Last night then, I logged on as usual.  My friend Wazza from guild has been really sick with a flu this last few days, so I didn’t expect him on.  As soon as I logged on, I was invited to join a guild group through HoF to help someone with Hooluk update.    So, that was my fun for the evening.  

Afterwards, Kil ran on up to Nek Castle.  I have been trying to get Missing Mask HQ done – and boy is that Billy doll a bit annoying to get to pop.  I had heard that zoning in and out a few times helps him to pop – it worked eventually 🙂

By the time I had got Billy to pop, it was time to log – so I hope to get the swine lord and Everling tonight.  While I am in the castle, I am also doing the quest that rewards the Idol of Everling – I completely agree with Stargrace – one can never have too many housing items 🙂

So – not sure what the weekend brings.  Depending on which of my friends are on, and for how long, Kil might either help them with some updates, or push on with her Claymore, or think about starting SoD.  I am also up to the very last step of the Ancient Desert Power HQ – so just need Rahotep to finish.  I know there are a few others in guild needing him too, so might see if we can get a group together for that.

I am completely starting to get impatient and want Kils new manor house in South Qeynos.  That might be something I start on this weekend – buying her new house and getting her set up.   Before I do that though, I  wanted to get my Carpenter a few more levels.  I must say with the new changes to tradeskills it is much less of a “grind” to level crafters, so this is not such a problem – only that I am having such a blast on Kil that I find it hard to log on to any other of my girls at the moment 🙂

Anyhow – hope everyone has a great weekend!!!  Happy hunting everyone.

Indecision Monday, Aug 13 2007 

Well, when I got home last night I was in for an interesting treat.  One of the Templars in guild had decided to betray to Inquis.  I was also a bit bummed by the number of Templars we have in guild, so I went along for the ride.

But when it came down to it – I just could not do it.  I love my girlie as a Templar.  I love her heals.  In addition, I had also decided to respec Kils aa on the Templar tree to take her down the Smite Wrath pathway.  Combine that with her Mellee crit on the cleric aa tree, her nice weapon which procs faster casting time, her cleric aa for reduced casting time, and her blessings aa for increased chance to proc – Kil is now a mean fighting machine 🙂

In stead of proceeding with Betrayal, Kil ended up spending half the night last night crafting for guildies again.  I absolutely love it that I can help others out, but I am getting a little worried how I am going to have time to enjoy Kils adventuring and keep everyone in their mastercrafted Jewelery / Adept III’s when RoK comes out.   I am sure it will all work out fine though.

It was also really nice chatting away with Stargrace while she was running around on her little baby Fae Monk girl.  It sounded like she was having a blast.  In addition, I got a real surprise last night when an friend from Kil’s old guild logged on.  He had been away from the game for a long while, and it was so great to see him back.  He took Kil on her first group adventure into RoV waaaaay back. 

Kil has been saving up her coin recently for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, I REALLY want one of those nice big houses in South Qeynos.  Secondly, I have only got about half a dozen of her spells at Master lvl.  Her main big heal and smite, and a couple of others – but I am wanting to get her a few more masters.   All the rest of her spells are at Adept III though.

Last night I was looking at the master for one of her buffs, one of her debuffs, a group heal and her pet hammer.  Each were between 3 and 5 plat.  Seems like such a lot, but these were all above lvl 65, so I am guessing the buff and debuff will not be upgraded for RoK.  That makes it a bit worthwhile I suppose.  Her hammer would also be good to have mastered I guess, and my favourite spell Supplicating Fate (group heal when target mob dies) will be neat too.

I dont use my debuff in raid, because I leave that to MT Templar, I am a bit undecided if 3 plat is worth the extra I get on the buff, but I am pretty sure I am going to get the hammer master at around 3 plat, and the same for supplicating fate.

I might have a chat with my trusted advisor when she logs on tonight.  That 15 Plat has taken me a long time to save up, so I don’t want to waste it 🙂  Anyhow, enough of my ponderings for now.

 Happy gaming all 🙂

A very productive weekend Monday, Aug 13 2007 

After all of the rushing around the last few weeks in real life, I managed to have a nice quiet weekend, managing to fit in quite a lot of fun between chores and family time.   Well, Ok my husband has a paper due for school this week so I needed to stay out of his hair (well that is my excuse any how)  🙂

Friday night in game was wandering around and harvesting, doing a couple of guild writs and chatting with guildies.

I had a MONSTER Saturday evening online.  I finished the Orb of Tunare quest line, so now Kil proudly wields the Ivy Shrouded Orb of Tunare.  Part of that was a run through OoB, where happily she was lucky enough for her class boots to drop *cheeers*. 

My regular friends did not log on Saturday night, so Kil got finished with two old HQ’s, finally finished her carpet quest, and a couple more guild writs toward getting her new Manor in South Qeynos.  Mentored to hand a few old quests and goodness me – dinged 96aa.

Sunday was also a fun day online.  Jumped on a server raid for AoAx4.  Our guilds main assist for raids only has the 2 named left before he has Deathtoll access, so I filled a healer spot on the raid.  It only took us less than an hour to kill the Frosty dragon, and his exquisite chest droped *GASP* a Templar Master.  Sadly, my /rand 100 roll seriously sucked and I missed out *cries* but maybe next time 🙂

Afterwards, 4 of my guildmates suggested we run accross to Kaladim for the ring event to get someone a nice pair of gloves.  After a not so promising start, we did manage to complete the ring event and the Brig got his gloves yay!.  A lovely fun weekend was then finished by crafting some spells and mastercrafted jewels for guildies, and grouping up to help power level a couple of the guys.

After almost 3 months at lvl 70, I continue to be surprised at my enjoyment of playing the same toon.  Still sooooo much to do and see.  With so much aa spent and her gear all upgraded, it really is a lot of fun.  With RoK so close too, it wont be long before the big push through T8 adventuring.  I am so excited to have a fantastic group of friends in guild, and I am really looking forward to us exploring the new content together. 

So – enough rambling on for today – Happy hunting everyone.

The weekend is here! Friday, Aug 10 2007 

Thank goodness it is Friday morning 🙂

I am sitting here with my coffee wondering where this week has gone and reflecting how much fun I have had achieving quite a few goals in game this week.

Last night we went for another quick run through the Den to help a guildmate with an update for his Grizzfazzle.  It was a lot of fun, and Kil won lotto on a lvl 70 Necro master *cheers* It sells for at least 10 plat on my server, but I will make sure that our guild Necro has it before I put it up for sale.  If he doesn’t have it, I can make a deal with him – I know he will be fair.

After that, we grouped up with some of the folks that just recently joined the guild to mentor and help them with lvling.  My motivations were completely noble – I wanted to help them out.  However, Kil also got a whole bunch of aa xp too and dinged 94aa.  I blushed a little because the run was supposed to be about helping out my guild colleagues, but I was pretty happy.  Kil has not seen a lot of “heroic” zones because of her mostly solo adventuring, so she is still getting discovery aa all over the place, not to mention new named mobs 🙂

Jumped back to town after the group disbanded and did that last tiny bit of tradeskilling and DING 70 Jeweler!  Kil is the only lvl 70 Jeweler in the guild, and the orders from guildmates has already started – which I genuinely am happy about.

I am preparing myself for when RoK comes out, and the pressure that will be on Kil to keep up with her jeweler lvls.  Keeping up with all of the Adept III’s for all of the scout classes will be a tall order, but worthwhile.  We have a couple of rangers, dirges, a swashy, the brig and the troub.

No idea really what is in store for this weekend, either in game or in real life. 

In real life, I am sure there will be all of the usual committments.  In game, all of the tradeskilling I have done has completely drained my raw materials and I am not about to pay 15 silver per piece of Adamantine cluster to keep going with my guild writs.   However, I am still motivated by the in guild competition (10pp for the person who earns the most guild status this month) because first prize has just been raised to 20pp 🙂 

In a little over a week, the guild has gotten pretty close to 2 levels – and that is the aim of the competition I guess.  I have absolutely no doubt now that the guild will be lvl 60 before RoK.

Anyway, better scoot for now.  Have a great weekend and happy gaming all.

Some more mid week madness Wednesday, Aug 8 2007 

LoA raid was scheduled for 8pm last night, but raid lead started to call for folks to gather in TT around 7.15 or so.  I was already heading up to do some harvesting for Kil’s tradeskilling so all was good with that.

The parses from Labs raid on Tuesday night were posted on the guild forum and I was absolutely thrilled.  I was parsing right up there with the MT Templar for heals, dps and time in combat 🙂 

There is not too much really to say about our LoA raid – except it was not so good 😦  We only had 16 people, 4 healers and no Shaman.  We cleared trash and managed to kill one named, but once again, it is the experience of raiding that right now is a huge plus for Kil.

Raid lead was talking about us trying Emerald Halls in a couple of weeks which will be very neat.  Because it is now the persistent zone we can go in for a wee bit and try it, and come back another time.

After raid, Kil gated back to Qeynos finised a couple of crafting writs and DING 69 Jeweler 🙂  I then very quickly made some Adept III’s and Mastercrafted jewelery for a couple of guildmates.  She is now within a whisper of 70 Jeweler hooooray!!, and also within a whisper of 94aa because she managed to find some shinys to finish another lvl 70 Collection quest while harvesting.

I am really really looking forward to Upgrading Kil’s housing sometime soon.  I think my Alchemist who is almost into Tier 6 shall be my next TS focus, but after that I am going to lvl my Carpenter so she can kit out Kil’s new house when she gets it 🙂

With the new changes to TS xp, I have ripped through the whole of T7 Jeweler with Kil in less than 5 days – and 3 of those included raids.   It is not difficult at all to lvl tradeskills any more.  I had set myself a very lofty goal of getting all my tradeskill girls to lvl 70 before the expansion.  I really had no expectation of doing so (esp Carpenter, Armourer and Weaponsmith) , but I now believe that to be a very very achievable goal indeed.

Real life has had me all out of sorts the last few weeks.  I dont know how to explain my enjoyment of the game or how important my in-game friendships have become, without it sounding like I have no life.  Thank goodness for groups/raids for the fun of smashing things, and thank goodness for harvesting/tradeskilling to chill out 🙂

Happy hunting all.

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