We had another disasterous trip home last night with the terrible Sydney motorway traffic, so it was 7.15 when we got home from work.  Labs raid was scheduled for 8pm so there was not a lot of time to get sorted.  I am glad I have a husband that understands my passion for my chosen MMO, even though sometimes it attracts just a little negative husband faction 🙂

Well after I had taken care of my RL duties as quick as I could, I had a few minutes to catch my breath before we started. But dang it – in my rush to get up to KoS I had left my repair kits in the bank. 

I was very pleased at how the raid force looked.  It was neat because a few of the guildies that I had only met last night logged on.  We had almost a full raid – I think we had 23.  I was hopefull that I would not need those repair kits at all.

We had what was probably the best raid I have attended.  We wiped twice, once with I think it was Xiterrax, and the other was with a whole bunch of Droag that took MT down so quickly no one had a chance to respond for some reason.

Well, we rocked through the zone.  We smooshed the Corsolander – and I did a dance of joy over that.  Revenge is sweet for the beating he has given our raid force the last few weeks 🙂   Vyemm went down with no deaths and so did Prime.  As for loot drops – the mages got all the love, but Kil won lotto on a beautiful fabled earring.    It replaced a treasured piece that I dont even remember where it came from, and I kept my earring of the bloodlust handler.  I think Stargrace would kill me if I got rid of that after all the trouble she had getting it for her Dasie lol.

I still find it amazing that people don’t listen to the main tank instructions.  He asked for all dps to go through MA for adds on one encounter while he held the named.  I healed one of the mages who was getting beat up during this encounter to find that he was targeting the mob and not the MA.   It would make it easier if everyone listened I am sure.

Well of course at the end of the raid  I was so excited I could hardly think about going to bed.  So for an hour I chattered away as usual and did some harvesting which was a nice way to wind down.  My mind was buzzing so much I could not even focus enought to do some quests on my little Inquis girl.

Tonight we are scheduled for LoA.  This will be my 3rd time in that zone.  I am hopeful that if we have the same four groups tonight we might even be able to take Gnorbl.  I will dance on his smooshed up body if we do lol.  I can dream that we might even take Vilucidae 🙂

In other news the game update went live while I slept last night.  I am looking forward to getting my girls set up a little more this weekend.  I will fill up their crates with crafty goodness and they can start to make their very own money which will be very nice. 

Also something I only just noticed on the update notes this morning – crafting writs now give crafting xp – woot.  Kil hit 62 jeweler the other night by doing some writs and that xp would have been very much welcomed.   I was collecting last night to see if I could get enough topaz and adamantine for another couple of jeweler levels – I did not feel inclined to pay the asking prices on the broker.

Anyhow – enough of my chattering on.  Enjoy the game update all – and as always happy hunting 🙂