As I mentioned in yesterdays post, last night was scheduled for LoA.  Unfortunately, we did not have nearly as many people log on as we did for labs the night before.

We wiped inside the front entrance when MT pulled and I am not sure if we were all ready.  Never the less, once we recovered from that little drama we travelled through the zone with relatively little pain – until Gnorbl.  Man I hate that dumb eyeball lol. 

Last night Kil was put into the mage group.  It is funny how different it feels depending on the group you are in.  The druid that was in the mage group was really glad to have me there especially for when the Necro was using his lifeburn lol.  We were kept pretty busy with one of the mages in particular who kept stealing aggro.

After we had wiped a few times on Gnorbl we decided to call it a night.  I am confident that we will get him one day, and that revenge killing will be ever so sweet 🙂

It was really nice to meet another 2 members of the guild who have been on a bit of a break.  One of the returned is a good friend of the folk I normally group with, and they have been very much looking forward to his return.  If he will be joining us regularly, we will have a kick ass team happening which is awesome.

As a result of a bit of adrenaline after raids mixed in with a lot of RL stuff, I was wide awake at a time when I should have been going to sleep.  So once again, I went and did some harvesting for Kils jeweler levels.  Conveniently I found a good place for harvesting Topaz and Azurite right near the Lyceum 🙂  After I had been harvesting for a wee bit, another player came to harvest the same thing.  Immediately he asked me if I was farming for rares or if I was collecting for TSing.  As soon as I let him know I was collecting for TSing, he gave me quite a few stacks of regular harvests that he said were just taking up room in his inventory.  Sometimes little things like that restore my faith in people.  I am thinking if there is a small something I can do to express my appreciation to him, as this is a great boost to my hope of getting Kil to 70 jeweler in the next week or 2.

I also had the chance to chatter away a wee bitty with another of my guildmates.  He is the raid Necro, and a very nice guy.  It was fun to chatter about all things EQ2, and it was cute hearing his cats talking to him in the background while we were talking on Teamspeak too lol.

While I was chatting away, I ran around to get my BB griffon pathways and purchased a few collection pieces and finished a couple of collections.  Handing them in dinged Kil her 88th aa point.  I remember when I dinged 65 Templar with 65aa and thought that was awesome lol.

Before raid I had the chance to talk with my friend Wazza.  I pretty much have my heart set on getting my Orb of Tunare sometime soon, and he offered to help 🙂  The quest line requires quite a few named which will hopefully give some aa, and requires some runs into Achadechism, Kaladim, and Obelisk of BLight.  It is a line of 9 quests so should help to get Kil up to over 90aa.  I do however imagine that we will be helping some of the folks who have been away for a while with some updates as well, so I see no shortage of things to do over the next few months in the run up to RoK.  I know that some people say they get bored once they get to 70 with a toon, but right now I dont see that happening for me with Kil.

There are days when I wonder what toon will I work on toward 70 next, and then I dont see how I have enough game time to enjoy Kil and level another of my girls.  It seems I am settling into a routine of questing for a bit with my guildmates and then doing a little crafting and chatting afterwards.

I was reading over some of my old postings the other day and this got me to thinking about how much my view of this game has been changed by finding a nice place to call home.  I will still advocate very strongly the need for sufficient quality and quantity of solo content, but I continue to be really enjoying grouping and raiding – much more so than I thought I would.

Anyhow, a bit of a stream of consciousness posting today.  Happy hunting everyone.