Well one day last week I was browsing through EQ2i – gosh I love that site 🙂   One of the things that caught my attention was the Tunare signature quest line.  It is a line of 9 quests in EoF, culminating in the choice of one of 4 pretty items – A girdle, a club, an earring or a ranged item. 

My little eyes lit up at the ranged item because it increases damage and healing spells by up to 10 and has some quite pretty stats.  The Ivy Shrouded Orb of Tunare had to be mine 🙂

Well the funnyest co-incidence happened last night.  I was just pottering about doing some harvesting and minor quest updates and preparing to go start it, and someone asked for help with finishing the last step.   We got a group together to help our guildmate with his update, and we killed the named with no problem at all.

I was already going to do the quest, but when the rest of the group saw the rewards they all wanted to do it too 🙂   So we all went to Lesser Fay to get the quest starter, did a wee bit of running around between Greater Fay and BB docks and then we headed into the Achadechism.  There was some more running between the docks and Achadechism and Greater Fay but it all went as smooth as smooth and so in a little over an hour we had finished the first 3 quests in the line.   There is a trip to Kaladim and OoB still required throughout the remaining quests.

2 observations.  Firstly, this was the first time I had grouped with a Wizzy outside of raids.  I love their ports – it certainly saved us a bit of time.  Second observation – love the griffons and horses in EoF.  Take a Carpet from QH to SS, then onto BB.  Run up the hill and take the Griff to Gfay, Take the horses to Crushbone and you can be at Achadechism in the jiffiest of jiffies.  Very nicely done SoE 🙂

In between the running around, we had a quick 10 min AFK for one of the guys.  This gave Kil time to run into Crushbone Keep for some discovery aa.  I was absolutely thrilled to note at the end of the evening that completing these 3 quests and the discovery xp gave Kil almost 70% toward her next aa.

In other news, we have been set a small challenge in guild.  A reward of 10pp has been offered to the person who earns the most guild status this next month.  Well, Kil has a bunch of lower level HQ’s that she is yet to complete, and is keen to grind up to 70 jeweler with Writs so I accept that challenge!

This morning as I was munching breakfast I quickly ran around Qeynos and picked up writs to kill Basalisk in Bonemire and some Ravasect.  Combined status for these 3 writs is around 25000 so if I can get some basalisk and ravasect smooshed a few evenings a week *cheers* that 10pp will be mine 🙂  In all seriousness though, I think this is a great idea.  The guild is currently sitting on level 56 almost 57.  This is the best idea to help push us toward guild lvl 60 before RoK.  I imagine this will bring out the compeditive streak in a few of the guildies and in the end that will only benefit the guild as a whole.

I also joined up my Carpenter girlie to the guild.  With all the new furniture items in game I am quite excited.  Carpenter levels means more writs for guild status toward that 10pp reward.  Not to mention that Kil is fast running out of space in her modest 3 room place in South Qeynos and desperately needs to upsize.

Getting a bigger house means I need to seriously look at Status reduction.  Right now I have a little less than 10,000 Status reduction and need to get that up to 50,000.  An extra 40,000 status means like 50 or 60 T7 mastercrafted items 😦    *sigh* that feels like a really tall order.  I know there are a few quests I can work on that will give me some items for Status Reduction.  One more quest in Mara, the boat in a bottle and Idol of Everling for starters.  I will certainly be checking this with Stargrace to make sure I dont miss any of the cool quests – with her love of in game house decorating and questing I am sure she is the gal in the know on these things.

So this weekend will see some HQ’s, harvesting and crafting writs – perhaps even an update or 2 to progress the Orb of Tunare 🙂

 Happy gaming all.