Well last night was an incredibly productive night in game for Kil, even if quite mixed.

I logged on and checked my vendor and was just heading in to do some more crafting when some of my guild friends logged on. 

Some folks from the guild wanted to do a quick run into Lockjaws lair which took us all of 10 mins.  Then some of the guild were needing to go up into AoAx2 for their next Claymore update.  We only needed to do the first 2 floors so it really didn’t take all that long either.  Sadly we had a monk in the second group who kept ganking aggro from MT – making everyones life pretty tough.  Tough for the healers and tough for the group as a whole really not knowing who to target the mob through.

After the groups disbanded I stayed up in KoS and finished the Barren Sky Creature Catalogue quest, jumped across to Bonemire to do a couple of quick guild writs, collected some Shinys while doing them to complete 2 lvl 70 collection quests *grins*, and gated back home to finish some jeweler writs to ding 68 jeweler real quick.

Handing in the collection quests was enough to ding 93 aa – can you believe that 🙂

Right now two of my in game goals were to get Kil to lvl 70 Jeweler and to upgrade her house.  These 2 goals are very conveniently intertwined – by doing the crafting writs I need to advance jeweler lvls, I get the status toward her new house.  The in guild competition (10pp to the highest earner of Guild Status this month) has been just the thing to get me motivated 🙂

A few people in guild have noticed Kil dinging those last few levels of jeweler – and she has had a few requests for folks wanting some Adept III’s and Mastercrafted Jewelery *blush*.  It is cool to really feel part of the guild, to feel that I can ask for help and help others.  I really really am a social beast by nature, and it is the part of the game that gives me the biggest kick.