Well, I am sure that one day I will have to report that my weekend of gaming was not so much fun – but this weekend certainly was not it again 🙂

Friday night saw a quick run into the Den of the Devourer.  Kil needed it for her Grizzfazzle quest, and some of the other guys needed it for I believe it was Claymore.  After the devourer all i needed was to return to Grizzfazzle to complete the quest yay!.

I then jumped online Saturday morning for a real quick vendor check and maybe a little harvesting over a slow breakfast – but that plan went astray REAL quick.

A colleague from Kil’s old guild sent me a /tell asking if I would like to join a raid into HoS.  After a quick check with hubbie to make sure it was not going to cause too much negative faction *grins* I agreed and headed up to TT as quickly as I could.

Well it felt real funny raiding with different people, not knowing what the MT, MA or main group healers were capable of.   I didn’t even know who the necro was to watch him calling his lifeburn 🙂

But what a hoot – we wiped quite a few times and Kil got all naked – but I didn’t mind in the slightest.  The aa was great, and we killed all the named including Pain and Suffering – and boy did those 2 named cause Pain and Suffering.

Saturday night saw me group up with 2 of my regular guildmates – we did a very quick run into PoA for an update for one of them.  We were waiting on a named and he just would not pop.  We then decided to gate out and head into SoS for an update for Kil’s Claymore.  At the exact moment that the tank had gated out the named we had been waiting on popped.  There was just Kil and the Fury there – so it was up to Kil to tank this named for the Fury’s update.  No problem at all – and in 60 seconds we were headed up to the SoS and got Kil her update.

Sunday night then saw a guild raid into the Courts.  It was awesome because we were able to take a few of the guildies who are still only in T5/T6 – every person in the guild logged on was at the raid – how good is that!.  It was very successful and was quite quick.  Nice aa and guild xp gain, which saw the guild ding a level and Kilanna ding 92 aa points.

I had been into the courts one time before and we only got up to the moonchild – we only had 2 groups of T7 toons.  Last night we finished the zone and got the wicked witch at the end.

Now in between that, Kil did a few writs – both adventuring and crafting.  Got a nice start on guild status for that in guild competition 🙂  This had the very very nice result of Kil dinging 67 Jeweler.  Each of those tradeskill writs was giving Kil like 10% of a jeweler level.  Not bad eh 🙂  I might even have a go at leveling some of my other tradeskill girls – the only thing that will slow me down is needing to harvest enough raw materials in between all of the other stuff I want to get done in game.

I am missing my regular weekend get togethers with our friends in the Pen and Paper roleplay group.  Real life committments have conspired against us for quite a few weeks now.   I am quite excited that we will be going away together – the whole group.  We have hired a beach house for a week at the end of this month, so I am sure there will be a whole bunch of fun to be had that week.

Anyhow – enough rambling for today – as always happy gaming all 🙂