LoA raid was scheduled for 8pm last night, but raid lead started to call for folks to gather in TT around 7.15 or so.  I was already heading up to do some harvesting for Kil’s tradeskilling so all was good with that.

The parses from Labs raid on Tuesday night were posted on the guild forum and I was absolutely thrilled.  I was parsing right up there with the MT Templar for heals, dps and time in combat 🙂 

There is not too much really to say about our LoA raid – except it was not so good 😦  We only had 16 people, 4 healers and no Shaman.  We cleared trash and managed to kill one named, but once again, it is the experience of raiding that right now is a huge plus for Kil.

Raid lead was talking about us trying Emerald Halls in a couple of weeks which will be very neat.  Because it is now the persistent zone we can go in for a wee bit and try it, and come back another time.

After raid, Kil gated back to Qeynos finised a couple of crafting writs and DING 69 Jeweler 🙂  I then very quickly made some Adept III’s and Mastercrafted jewelery for a couple of guildmates.  She is now within a whisper of 70 Jeweler hooooray!!, and also within a whisper of 94aa because she managed to find some shinys to finish another lvl 70 Collection quest while harvesting.

I am really really looking forward to Upgrading Kil’s housing sometime soon.  I think my Alchemist who is almost into Tier 6 shall be my next TS focus, but after that I am going to lvl my Carpenter so she can kit out Kil’s new house when she gets it 🙂

With the new changes to TS xp, I have ripped through the whole of T7 Jeweler with Kil in less than 5 days – and 3 of those included raids.   It is not difficult at all to lvl tradeskills any more.  I had set myself a very lofty goal of getting all my tradeskill girls to lvl 70 before the expansion.  I really had no expectation of doing so (esp Carpenter, Armourer and Weaponsmith) , but I now believe that to be a very very achievable goal indeed.

Real life has had me all out of sorts the last few weeks.  I dont know how to explain my enjoyment of the game or how important my in-game friendships have become, without it sounding like I have no life.  Thank goodness for groups/raids for the fun of smashing things, and thank goodness for harvesting/tradeskilling to chill out 🙂

Happy hunting all.