Well not much really to report from last night – we had our usual Tuesday run through labs.

Generally speaking we have been having trouble lately with filling our raids.  Last night was no different – but we decided we would go in and clear trash mobs and see if any others logged on.   Unfortunately, we didn’t have any others join us, but we decided to press on anyhow.

The end result was I think nothing short of spectacular.  We managed to clear labs with 16 in the raid and only 4 healers.  Corsolander gave us some problems (grrr I hate that mob) but we did get him in the end *cheers*.  Some combats were messy but I think we did brilliantly under the circumstances. 

The Firebrand leggings (Plate for Templar) dropped and Kil won /rand 100 on those 🙂  Slowly but surely getting the full set together.   The MT templar is kitted out in a full set of the Firebrand gear, but he looks much hotter than Kil in that armour *grins*

After raid I just mucked around finishing a couple more rush writs towards Kilanna’s jeweler levels before I scooted off to bed.

Tonight we are supposed to be doing the Lyceum – but I really dont see that going ahead if we only have the same turn out as last night.  Kil is going to have to get some more harvesting done too for keeping up with her writs.  each writ is using about half a stack of roots, half a stack of Azurite, and a little under half a stack each of Topaz and Adamantine.   I am getting close to that ding of 69 Jeweler so really want to keep the momentum going.

Anyhow – enough of my chattering for now – Happy gaming everyone 🙂