Thank goodness it is Friday morning ūüôā

I am sitting here with my coffee wondering where this week has gone and reflecting how much fun I have had achieving quite a few goals in game this week.

Last night we went for another quick run through the Den to help a guildmate with an update for his Grizzfazzle.¬† It was a lot of fun, and Kil won lotto on a lvl 70 Necro master *cheers* It sells for at least 10 plat on my server, but I will make sure that our guild Necro has it before I put it up for sale.¬† If he doesn’t have it, I can make a deal with him – I know he will be fair.

After that, we grouped up with some of the folks that just recently joined the guild to mentor and help them with lvling.¬† My motivations were completely noble – I wanted to help them out.¬† However, Kil also got a whole bunch of aa xp too and dinged 94aa.¬† I blushed a little because¬†the run was supposed to be about helping out my guild colleagues, but I was pretty happy.¬† Kil has not¬†seen a lot of “heroic” zones because of her mostly solo adventuring, so she is still getting discovery aa all over the place, not to mention¬†new¬†named¬†mobs¬†ūüôā

Jumped back to town after the group disbanded and did that last tiny bit of tradeskilling and DING 70 Jeweler!  Kil is the only lvl 70 Jeweler in the guild, and the orders from guildmates has already started Рwhich I genuinely am happy about.

I am preparing myself for when RoK comes out, and the pressure that will be on Kil to keep up with her jeweler lvls.¬† Keeping up with all of the Adept III’s for all of the scout classes will be a tall order, but worthwhile.¬† We have a couple of rangers, dirges, a swashy, the brig and the troub.

No idea really what is in store for this weekend, either in game or in real life. 

In real life, I am sure there will be all of the usual committments.¬† In game, all of the tradeskilling I have done has completely drained my raw materials and I am not about to pay 15 silver per piece of Adamantine cluster to keep going with my guild writs.¬†¬† However, I am still motivated by the in guild competition (10pp for the person who earns the most guild status this month) because first prize has just been raised to 20pp ūüôā¬†

In a little over a week, the guild has gotten pretty close to 2 levels Рand that is the aim of the competition I guess.  I have absolutely no doubt now that the guild will be lvl 60 before RoK.

Anyway, better scoot for now.  Have a great weekend and happy gaming all.