After all of the rushing around the last few weeks in real life, I managed to have a nice quiet weekend, managing to fit in quite a lot of fun between chores and family time.   Well, Ok my husband has a paper due for school this week so I needed to stay out of his hair (well that is my excuse any how)  🙂

Friday night in game was wandering around and harvesting, doing a couple of guild writs and chatting with guildies.

I had a MONSTER Saturday evening online.  I finished the Orb of Tunare quest line, so now Kil proudly wields the Ivy Shrouded Orb of Tunare.  Part of that was a run through OoB, where happily she was lucky enough for her class boots to drop *cheeers*. 

My regular friends did not log on Saturday night, so Kil got finished with two old HQ’s, finally finished her carpet quest, and a couple more guild writs toward getting her new Manor in South Qeynos.  Mentored to hand a few old quests and goodness me – dinged 96aa.

Sunday was also a fun day online.  Jumped on a server raid for AoAx4.  Our guilds main assist for raids only has the 2 named left before he has Deathtoll access, so I filled a healer spot on the raid.  It only took us less than an hour to kill the Frosty dragon, and his exquisite chest droped *GASP* a Templar Master.  Sadly, my /rand 100 roll seriously sucked and I missed out *cries* but maybe next time 🙂

Afterwards, 4 of my guildmates suggested we run accross to Kaladim for the ring event to get someone a nice pair of gloves.  After a not so promising start, we did manage to complete the ring event and the Brig got his gloves yay!.  A lovely fun weekend was then finished by crafting some spells and mastercrafted jewels for guildies, and grouping up to help power level a couple of the guys.

After almost 3 months at lvl 70, I continue to be surprised at my enjoyment of playing the same toon.  Still sooooo much to do and see.  With so much aa spent and her gear all upgraded, it really is a lot of fun.  With RoK so close too, it wont be long before the big push through T8 adventuring.  I am so excited to have a fantastic group of friends in guild, and I am really looking forward to us exploring the new content together. 

So – enough rambling on for today – Happy hunting everyone.