Well, when I got home last night I was in for an interesting treat.  One of the Templars in guild had decided to betray to Inquis.  I was also a bit bummed by the number of Templars we have in guild, so I went along for the ride.

But when it came down to it – I just could not do it.  I love my girlie as a Templar.  I love her heals.  In addition, I had also decided to respec Kils aa on the Templar tree to take her down the Smite Wrath pathway.  Combine that with her Mellee crit on the cleric aa tree, her nice weapon which procs faster casting time, her cleric aa for reduced casting time, and her blessings aa for increased chance to proc – Kil is now a mean fighting machine 🙂

In stead of proceeding with Betrayal, Kil ended up spending half the night last night crafting for guildies again.  I absolutely love it that I can help others out, but I am getting a little worried how I am going to have time to enjoy Kils adventuring and keep everyone in their mastercrafted Jewelery / Adept III’s when RoK comes out.   I am sure it will all work out fine though.

It was also really nice chatting away with Stargrace while she was running around on her little baby Fae Monk girl.  It sounded like she was having a blast.  In addition, I got a real surprise last night when an friend from Kil’s old guild logged on.  He had been away from the game for a long while, and it was so great to see him back.  He took Kil on her first group adventure into RoV waaaaay back. 

Kil has been saving up her coin recently for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, I REALLY want one of those nice big houses in South Qeynos.  Secondly, I have only got about half a dozen of her spells at Master lvl.  Her main big heal and smite, and a couple of others – but I am wanting to get her a few more masters.   All the rest of her spells are at Adept III though.

Last night I was looking at the master for one of her buffs, one of her debuffs, a group heal and her pet hammer.  Each were between 3 and 5 plat.  Seems like such a lot, but these were all above lvl 65, so I am guessing the buff and debuff will not be upgraded for RoK.  That makes it a bit worthwhile I suppose.  Her hammer would also be good to have mastered I guess, and my favourite spell Supplicating Fate (group heal when target mob dies) will be neat too.

I dont use my debuff in raid, because I leave that to MT Templar, I am a bit undecided if 3 plat is worth the extra I get on the buff, but I am pretty sure I am going to get the hammer master at around 3 plat, and the same for supplicating fate.

I might have a chat with my trusted advisor when she logs on tonight.  That 15 Plat has taken me a long time to save up, so I don’t want to waste it 🙂  Anyhow, enough of my ponderings for now.

 Happy gaming all 🙂