Well, another week over!!  One week closer to my vacation (THANK GOODNESS!)

The last couple of nights have been so much fun online for Kil – completely action packed – not a minute to spare 🙂

After the extended server down time on Tuesday (le sigh – right in my prime play time), our labs raid was postponed til Wednesday.

Raid lead and guild lead wanted to mix things up a bit so Kil was in MT group *gulp*.  I didn’t feel like I did the best job but we had completely re-arranged the groups so we were all feeling it I think.   It was I think the quickest lab raid we have ever done – clearing the zone by 9.30pm my time.  Kil was also a very happy girl when Vyemm dropped her class breastplate (Firebrand breastplate).  This now means that Kil is starting to look the part too – all in gold except her shoulders.  *giggles* I still think the guild MT Templar looks much hotter in that armour than Kil – he is a very handsome boy.

After raid, a few of the boys wanted to run through CoV and OoB.  We were tanked by the Dirge can you believe – and it was awesome.  We finished the zones with relative ease, and at a blistering pace.  It was a huge buzz, and really enjoyable.  Helped a few of the guys get some nice updates to their gear so everyone was happy.

Last night then, I logged on as usual.  My friend Wazza from guild has been really sick with a flu this last few days, so I didn’t expect him on.  As soon as I logged on, I was invited to join a guild group through HoF to help someone with Hooluk update.    So, that was my fun for the evening.  

Afterwards, Kil ran on up to Nek Castle.  I have been trying to get Missing Mask HQ done – and boy is that Billy doll a bit annoying to get to pop.  I had heard that zoning in and out a few times helps him to pop – it worked eventually 🙂

By the time I had got Billy to pop, it was time to log – so I hope to get the swine lord and Everling tonight.  While I am in the castle, I am also doing the quest that rewards the Idol of Everling – I completely agree with Stargrace – one can never have too many housing items 🙂

So – not sure what the weekend brings.  Depending on which of my friends are on, and for how long, Kil might either help them with some updates, or push on with her Claymore, or think about starting SoD.  I am also up to the very last step of the Ancient Desert Power HQ – so just need Rahotep to finish.  I know there are a few others in guild needing him too, so might see if we can get a group together for that.

I am completely starting to get impatient and want Kils new manor house in South Qeynos.  That might be something I start on this weekend – buying her new house and getting her set up.   Before I do that though, I  wanted to get my Carpenter a few more levels.  I must say with the new changes to tradeskills it is much less of a “grind” to level crafters, so this is not such a problem – only that I am having such a blast on Kil that I find it hard to log on to any other of my girls at the moment 🙂

Anyhow – hope everyone has a great weekend!!!  Happy hunting everyone.