Well – I have heard the news today – despite 3rd edition and Edition 3.5 in the last 7 years, it has been leaked today that the Fourth Edition of D&D will be launched next year.

*Sigh* we have collected source books and adventures and core rule books – and once again they are to be superceded 😦

Oh well – we have enough 3rd edition stuff to keep us going a while longer, and so we are in no hurry to rush out and get the new edition when it is released.

Showing my complete geekyness to all here –  but in 8 more days my husband and I are going away for a week with our D&D group.  We have hired a beach house for the week a couple of hours up the coast.  Even though it is winter, the weather during the day is nothing short of sensational at the moment, so there will be some nice things to do during the day I hope.  After 15 years, our group has become very close knit and we are all like family to each other.   We are all desperately looking forward to it.  I am sure there will be plenty of late nights, lots of Pizza and Beer, and lots of roleplaying. 

My husband is planning on kicking off his Ptolis campaign, or continuing with our Drow game. 

I was thinking of playing a caster type in Ptolis, because I like the idea of charming and mezzing the bad guys 🙂  I have only played one caster in our pen and paper games before so it should be a lot of fun.