Well I logged on Friday night with no real plan.

It turned out that my regular group of friends were only on real quick – one had an early start for work and the other was pretty sick with this nasty flu that is going around, so Kil was at a loose end.

That was until a few of the guys suggested a trip to Unrest 🙂

4 people in the group had only been in there a couple of times before, so we were all pretty much learning while we were going.  There were quite a few deaths at the beginning until we hit our rhythm, but we ended up clearing and finishing the zone.

Well, loot was fantastic – we ended up with a few masters –  Kil managed to win lotto on one of them.  Swashy and SK both got pretties – but Kil got what she thinks is probably her prettiest of pretties yet.

The Cloak of Unrest.  12 Wis and +10% on re-use timers (among a few other things).  I could bearly contain my excitement when it dropped and Kil rolled massive on her lotto roll.  Guild lead was there on his Dirge boy, and said he would have mobbed me for the cloak if he had been on his Templar boy 🙂

Pottered around a wee bit over the weekend between chores and family time doing some lower lvl HQ’s.  At times they are very frustrating.  Many of them are a huge timesink IMHO.  I guess they are supposed to be quite special quests, but I was driven to distraction and gave up on a couple of them.

I love the house items you  get for completing HQ’s – and love the status, but am probably going to give up on doing any more of them.  For example, I was trying to get the Starter for the Screaming Mace HQ.  I was camped killing PH for over one and an half hours and nothing 😦  I could have just been doing regular writs and had almost 9K personal status per writ during that time – but I was wanting to experience a key quest in the game and not just grind.  Oh well you know what they say – Patience is a virtue!!

So on to Sunday then – and we had another trip to Unrest.  Loot was pretty ordinary, but a lot smoother run.  It was just a heap of fun to hang out with some of the guildies and kill stuff 🙂

We had a very quick Courts raid too – finishing in a little over an hour which was cool.  Kil was in MT group again, and it feels like my first couple of raids again.  Afterwards, I was thinking about things I should do differently, or things I would like to try.  I am very lucky because I group with MT a lot outside of raids, so we can try a few things outside of the pressure of raids.

When raid broke up it was still pretty early.  Guild lead had mentioned to me that he had been looking at Templar masters and that there were a few on the broker at very reasonable prices. 

My girls vendor had been ticking over quite nicely the last few weeks, so I had some 29 plat to play with.  As mentioned in a previous post I have been contemplating getting her some upgrades.  Well last night I spent just over 25 Plat and got 7 masters – yes that is correct – 7 masters for my girl.   Among my treasures were  single target heal over time, group cure arcane, group heal when target monster dies, one buff, one debuff, and what I would consider a “panic” heal.  I dont imagine I will get too many others though – most of the other masters I was looking at are priced 30 – 50 Plat.  But what I have got is good enough for now 🙂

After that then – I did indeed manage to drag myself away from Kil long enough to get 2 quick levels of Carpenter on Chalithra.  In case I have not already mentioned it enough, I absoulutely ADORE the new changes to Tradeskill writs.  Even with only 4 recipes per lvl, I managed 2 lvls in around an hour and still around 85% Vitality.  I wonder if these changes will see us with more high lvl tradeskillers – but I don’t know that it necessarily will.  You still have to have the inclination to harvest or buy the resources, and take the time to get your levels. 

So – I have started the run at my ambitious goal of getting all my girlies to the end of T7 crafting before the expansion.  Carpenter, Alchi and Sage first.  Provisioner and Woodworker next, then Tailor Armourer and Weaponsmith I think.  I just get into a “zone” with harvesting and crafting – one which I enjoy, but I know it is not everyones cup of tea.

Happy gaming everyone 🙂