As I have previously mentioned, currently we have an in guild competition.  20pp to the person earning the most guild status this month.   This works in quite nicely with one of my in game wishes to get Kil a manor house in South Qeynos – so I am a woman on a mission getting my Guild Status points.   It also really helps to push the guild that last couple of levels toward guild level 60 before RoK.

Rather than just grinding crafting writs or faction writs for status, I thought I would have a crack at some HQ’s.  I had not done so many on my girl while I was leveling because I was mostly online at different times to the rest of my guild at the time.   I also really wanted to experience some of these key quests for myself rather than just read about them on EQ2i.  Well I have found this to be a mixture of fun and frustration. 

On the frustration side, take the example of getting the starter for the screaming mace HQ.  For almost 2 hours I camped the PH to get Agony to spawn – and that was just to get the quest starter.  Also take the Shiny Brass Shield HQ – At lvl 70, I do not have a hope in heck of completing a quest 3 tiers below me without help.

On the fun side – I have enjoyed quests like Ghoulbane, the Missing Mask, and War and Wardrobe.  I have enjoyed taking my girl into zones like DFC and Crushbone Keep.   It doesn’t matter to me that I have not been getting any aa, xp or useful rewards.  It has been fun to look around these zones and to potter at working through the quest content.

OK – so here is what I would like to ponder out loud – why are some of these HQ’s so incredibly frustrating?  I appreciate that HQ’s are meant to be special quests, providing special rewards and requiring extraordinary effort – but I still can not get over the fact that I camped 2 hours just for the starter to the Screaming Mace HQ and no joy 😦   I wanted to experience this quest content – so why make it so hard just to start the darn thing. 

In other news – I went for a run down to the lvl 70 version of Nek Castle with some guildies last night.  We finished the zone REALLY quickly with a group of 5.  It was a superb group actually – Zerker, Brig, Dirge, Illusionist, and Kil healing.   Kil had never been there before so *ding* 98 aa points for my girl 🙂   You would not believe that it happened right in the middle of a nasty combat and I was so busy healing that I missed it.  I didn’t realise until a few people sent me Grats messages.

The named Golem (cant remember his name unfortunately) dropped a lvl 70 Inquis master which Kil promptly sent on to the new Inquis in guild.  And well you would not believe but less than 10 mins later, the Inquis group in SoS had a Templar master drop which they sent on to Kil *cheers*   8 Masters for my girl in 2 days!

So now I am just going to get the master upgrade for her pet hammer, and then it is back to saving up my coin in anticipation of RoK.    I really really want the master of Sanctuary, but no way am I paying 50 plat for it 😦

After playing EQ2 for well over a year now, I wonder if I will ever tire of the game.  Right now I just dont ever see that happening.  There is a Plethora of game content that I have not even experienced yet – and more and more coming in the next few months.  SoE just seem to be doing everything right at the moment don’t they 🙂