My husband recently got a new PC.    He had EQ 2 running and it looked so lovely, I was very jealous 😦  I have also seen how pretty the screenshots from a decent PC look.

I had thought that I would wait until Christmas to get my new PC, but last week I decided that I could not wait anymore.  After more than 4 years, it is time to get myself some new bling.  So over the weekend, my husband and a friend spec’d me out a new system :

CPU = Intel Quad Core Q6600

VID card = Nvidia 8800GTS 640mb

Motherboard = Gigabyte DS3R G33

RAM = Corsair 2gb

HDD = 320GB

*giggles* Should be nice enough for my EQ2 habit.  I already have decent peripherals – even though I want to upgrade to the Logitech G15 keyboard sometime,  and get a sexy widescreen monitor too.  I currently have a logitech wireless mouse/keyboard combo that I am very happy with even after 4 years.  I have very nice speakers already so I am in no rush to replace them either.

Everything except the RAM is in stock, so hopefully it should be delivered at the end of the week or early next week.  Oh and did I mention I am on vacation next week 🙂