Well last night saw our regular scheduled Tues night labs raid.  We had 22 folks in raid which looked pretty good.  But boy oh boy the raid absolutely sucked.   2 weeks ago, we cleared the zone with 16.  Last night we wiped about half a dozen times on the Corsolander before we decided to give up.

We were missing the MT Dirge and our coercer.  This meant that Guild Lead had to have both his Dirge and Templar in MT group.   Oh my goodness I can not tell you how much I really missed grouping with the bard – Power management was a HUGE issue.   It really does go to show the importance part that each and every class plays in a raid.

Regardless of how much the mobs completely sucked, we had a good time and a few giggles over team speak between combat. 

Last night also saw a taste of a little guild drama.  Nothing too awful, just some minor dialogue in guild chat that was a little annoying.   A couple of grumpy folks and a few grumpy words spoken.  I figure if that is as bad as it gets then we are pretty lucky indeed.

I am very much looking forward to tonight – we are going to a new raid zone to try it out.  We are going to Freethinkers Hideout with an aim of attempting the first named.   I dont think there are any plans to get further than that – but I am not sure.  I am guessing the aa and guild status will be pretty good.

Well I suppose that is just about enough rambling for me for a while.  Happy hunting all.