Commonlands questing. Monday, Sep 24 2007 

Well *blush* I was called out by Kendricke on his blog over the weekend, who encouraged me to write about my thoughts on the Commonlands of EQ2.

 I say *blush* because my posts always seem to be quite trivial and superficial compared to the type of writing that Kendricke posts.  But – I guess now is time for Killy to try a different type of writing.  So here we have it.

Now I would like to say up front that I am definitely more familiar with Antonica, but still have a girl that has quested through to Lvl 21 based in Freeport.  In addition, my baby defiler is also currently questing in the Commonlands a wee bitty.

I love the savanah type atmosphere of the zone, and the choice of mobs to populate the zone to match that atmosphere.  I imagine myself to be somewhere in Central Africa, watching the elephants, lions and wild dogs around the waterholes.  I love the terrain and the colours of the zone.

Now to balance that, I have got to say that I find the quests there to be quite uninspired.  There seems to be alot of “Kill x of y” type quests.   Maybe I was spoiled by my late entry into the game – you see I started playing not long before EoF was released, and am currently questing a baby girl through Darklight Woods.  I find that the story behind the quest lines in the more recent expansion zones makes the questing more fun and interesting.  I would also like to see more quests in that zone.  More quests means more xp and more aa. 

Currently, I am personally part of a guild that I love, and is quite active.  However, I strongly advocate sufficient quantity and quality of quests for players who might choose to quest through these lower levels by themselves.  Some may do this to get used to the interface and their character before they find a guild or a group of online friends.

I do also rather like the instance areas in this Zone.  I have headed into Fallen Gates with my little girl in a group and hope to take her into wailing caves in the not too distant future too.  They have a completely different feel to places like Stormhold and Blackburrow in Antonica.

So – hopefully I have given some constructive commentary, and expressed my views in a clear and balanced way 🙂

 Happy gaming everyone 🙂


My ideas on Class/Race combinations Monday, Sep 24 2007 

I know I have been a little slow to post this, but recently I was tagged to discuss the question of what I thought was the ideal class for the races available in EQ2.

Well I have to say (not to appear all single white female) that my views are quite similar to those expressed by Stargrace on this very point.

I dont think that there should be restrictions on the classes that are available to each race.  If I want to be an elven fighter class – I must accept that the stats will be modified compared to say a stout dwarf or a big boofy troll.   But so what? 

It goes without saying that there are archetypes that we see in places like Tolkien’s LoTR – the elven ranger, the dwarven fighter, the human mages and priests, the halfling scouts.  But you know what – I love the idea of a dwarven monk, or an ogre briggand, or a fairy tank lol.  Our choices should only be limited by our imaginations IMHO.

Anyone who has read more than 2 of my posts knows how much I love my Templar girlie.  I would love to move her to Freeport just because I love the housing and find that the city is more inspired than Qeynos.  Unfortunately I cant do that without betraying and losing some beloved Templar abilities.  I would like to be able to start any race with any class in any location. 

Anyhow, enough of my ramblings for now.  Happy gaming everyone!

Why is it so? Wednesday, Sep 19 2007 

Real life is keeping me quite busy at the moment.  Unfortunately, this means that my game time and blogging might not be as regular as I would like for a little while, but *shrug* it happens to the best of us.

Today’s post though, i would like to ponder a question related to our Sunday night raid.

We have been mixing up the raid schedule a bit lately and adding in some new zones.  This Sunday, we decided to raid Labs.

We had 15 people in the raid group, and no Shaman.  Killy was joined in MT group by a regular groupmate Fury and of course her favourite tanking troll; and we also had a Coercer, Dirge, and swashy.  A couple of the other healers in raid were 2 boxing. 

While I was certainly working pretty damned hard at healing, it was a great raid.  Some combats were a wee bit messy is for sure, but we CLEARED the zone.  The plate wearers got some love (even if nothing was for Killy), and we even smooshed Corsolander (did I mention I hate that mob already) and Lord V first time we pulled them.

I do not understand then why it is so that we have not cleared labs in a while with raid forces of over 20 toons.  Is it because we are less complacent, is it because we listen more, is it because there is less chance of someone ganking aggro from MT?

Personally, I think it may be a combination of a bit of all of the above factors.  I still find it wierd, and now in guild we joke that we should not go into labs if we have any more than 3 groups lol.

Last night I went out with some friends to see a live production of War of the Worlds.  It was absolutely spectacular.  I led a sheltered youth so much of the whole musical was new to me – however the main theme and “Forever Autumn” I recognised. Yay to the bacteria for taking down the martians!!!!  Richard Burton was Narrating, and the original conductor was part of the production along with Justin Hayword so it was very cool.

WotW meant I missed last nights raid into HoS, but we have a trip into Deathtoll planned for tonight.  We only got as far as the pesky Gnome last week, so here is hoping we can get a little further tonight!

As always – Happy gaming all 🙂

Pay it forward Friday, Sep 14 2007 

*giggles* Well – Wilhelm tagged me again for another meme!    The previous time he tagged me was to ask me 5 reasons why I blog – right when my blog was all nice and shiny 🙂

Now he has tagged me to tell you 4 things that you didn’t know about me.  So here is Kilanna – warts and all 🙂

Four jobs I have had in my life (not including current job):

Believe me that none of these are as glamerous as they may sound
Medical Research Scientist
Clinical Medical Scientist
Customer Service for a large Dept store while I was at University
Regulatory Compliance for a company that makes Pacemakers

Four Movies I have watched over and over: (Well 4 series of movies I love to watch over and over really)
Star Wars Episodes IV, V and VI – Need I say more than Han Solo FTW 🙂
The Mummy / The Mummy returns (gotta love Brendan Frazier)
Harry Potter – all of them!
Monty Python (Holy grail and the Meaning of Life)

Four places I have lived:

I have only lived in 3 places:
Sydney, Australia where I have lived most of my life in several parts of the city
Glasgow, Scotland (where I was born and lived my life as a young child)
London, England (the whole 2 year working holiday away from home thing)

Four Shows I love to watch:

The West Wing – Gotta love Sam Seaborn
Buffy / Angel
Dark Angel

Four Places I have been on vacation:

Far North Queensland (NE Australia) – Near to Steve Irwins theme park
Cruise around the South Pacific Islands
England/Scotland to visit with family
Bus trip around Europe

Four of my favorite foods:

Pizza – I am with Wil on that one:)
Chocolate – especially dark chocolate because all girls love chocolate
Sushi – but it has to be nice and fresh
Bacon and Eggs (PS – the only time I have vegemite is when I am drunk and hungry :))
Four favorite drinks:

Diet coke
An excellent cup of tea
A great Aussie Chardonnay
An ice cold beer on a stinking hot day – lager mmmmmm

Four places I would rather be right now:

Laying on the beach reading a good book
Visiting my Mum playing with the new puppy up north.
Visiting a very nice lady I know in Canada 🙂
Back with the family in the UK

And now for the hard bit – Four People I Command to do this:
Hrms here we go, and in no particular order:

Ogrebear – cos he always seems to be quite insightful
Selaici – cos he is another cool person from the Southern Hemisphere!
Stargrace – cos I want to see how much more we have in common, but I hope she wont kill me 🙂
Gdub – cos he seems like a really cool guy too.

So there you are – I guess I am quite boring really.  Looking forward to reading more about a few of the bloggers around the traps 🙂

Happy gaming everyone!

Community Wednesday, Sep 12 2007 

Well, last night was a hugely eventful night for Killy and the guild.

Killy was in main tank group for raid.  Guild leader had his dirge boy in raid rather than his templar boy.  I feel very honoured each time I am in that group, because it feels to me like it is a position of trust.  The main tank has to trust that his Cleric and Shammy are going to be able to keep him up when the going gets tough.  The raid has to trust that the MT cleric will do their job and help keep main tank up or the whole raid risks wiping.

We went to FTH and killed the shredder.  We didn’t think we had the dps to go on and do the next named so we headed to HoS.  We died a few times is for sure, but again, that does not really matter either because we dont know that zone so well yet, and it is fun while we are working it all out together.

All that said, the MT group had a real sense of “community” too last night.  There were giggles between fights, there were comments of mutual thanks and respect and encouragement which was really nice.

Our guild community also lost 2 members last night.   One was an officer and a very experienced player indeed.  The other was a young man who I have a lot of time for.  Sad as it may sound, I found myself with tears rolling down my cheecks as he took his boys from the guild.

But you see, I dont feel embarrased about that at all.  Our guild is not a huge guild, and is quite close I guess.  The loss of 2 members of our small community will be felt.  For me it isnt that the officers Ranger tops raid damage parse, or that I like having the young man’s dirge in group for power regen.  None of that at all.  It is because I have enjoyed spending time with them in game and we have had some fun doing what we enjoy together.   We giggle about and celebrate shared experiences.

But, thank goodness for friends lists and /tell and /invite.  I am sure that we will still have the opportunity to have some more fun playing our game which we enjoy.   It is the community which makes EQ for me, and keeps me coming back.

Fallen Gates and Wailing Caves Tuesday, Sep 11 2007 

From the title of todays posting, it would not take a genius to work out where I spent most of my play time last night.

Killy headed into the Wailing Caves for her update to SoD again. *sigh* apon *sigh* the ring event with Lord Ree was not up.  I spent a little while talking about a few things with guild leader while I was waiting and waiting and waiting *giggles*

About that time, a brave swashy guildmate bid me to bring my little defiler girlie to the Fallen Gates for some xp.  He mentored Kayyla, and we ran around for a wee bitty, killed a few named and caused chaos.  DING DING Level 18 Defiler for Kayyla quicksmart, and some more aa to boot.

About that time, another friend logged on, and bid me to bring Killy to Achadechism to heal for him while he did the first part of SoD Chapter 2.  I was a bit dissapointed that Lord Ree had not showed himself to me yet, but nvm – Achadechism is hardly a long and difficult zone.   I have no doubt that the troll will tank me through there the next time we group.

After a world record fast run through there, Killy took another guildmate up to get his Hooluk hat started.  We got him to the scrollbearer so I believe a run to the Nest sometime in the next few nights will be in order.

After that, back down to Wailing Caves and *sigh* ring event still not up – the door was still locked.  As I was chatting with Stargrace to make sure there was nothing else I needed to do – her superior cross server telepathic powers of door opening did the trick – and there was my named *cheers*

At that moment, 2 knights in shining armour from the guild came to Kil’s assistance.  I didn’t want to mess it up and have to wait for the ring event to spawn again, and they had joined me before I even had the chance to ask if anyone was free.  The group of 5 Con green mobs would almost certainly have taken Kil down solo.   Now it is on to Achadechism for the start of Chapter 2 for her too:)

So, another busy night for my girls.  They both achieved something, and I had some fun and giggles doing it as always 🙂

Alts and SoD. Monday, Sep 10 2007 

As I mentioned on one of my latest posts, I am now wondering what to do ingame, since Kil is 70/70/100aa. I already had all my character slots full with alts – but these girls are for tradeskilling really. They are all a mixture of different adventuring classes – tank, dps, scout, caster, and healers, but none of them really really excited me very much to consider leveling them to 70.

When I was talking to a good friend in guild, he suggested that I look at defiler class and see how I like the sound of it. Well, I didn’t really have to check much out really, because I know how much Stargrace enjoys playing her Shaman girl. I know enough to know that we enjoy similar things in game, so I have taken the plunge and rolled a new alt with a view to leveling her to lvl 70. I decided to delete my little warlock girlie on AB because I really did not enjoy a caster class so much.

I find it terribly difficult to think up names for my characters, so I stole the same name as my Inquisitor girlie on AB – May I introduce to you Kayyla the Dark Elf Defiler.

A young citizen of Neriak, she has begun her adventures in the Darklight Woods. After assisting the fine patrons of Hates Envy, the T’var outpost, and Wonderlust fair; she is now ready to spread her wings and experience life in the big city of Freeport. At this point she will continue to call Neriak home, but she looks forward to the experiences that Freeport and the Commonlands will bring her.

Now call me a gluton for punishment, but looking to level another healer class will be a slow but I hope enjoyable process. So far over this weekend, defiler girlie has reached level 16 with 7 aa points. One of my guildmates brought his 70 dirge across and mentored for a wee while one evening. This very quickly brought Kayyla 2 levels and 2 aa points by questing. A friend of mine has also offered to give me his log in details so I can dual box with his 70 Conjuror. Should make for some fun and quick leveling 🙂

I think it is time to look at getting the little girls gear upgraded soon – to get Killy to make her some pretty baubles to wear and Tailor girl has already made her backpacks. I think my armoursmith and weaponsmith girl will make her some better gear, and sage girl will need to make her some spell upgrades because I noted she was struggling with the vampires in Darklight woods that were con blue.

A very wise young lady keeps reminding me that my gaming is for fun and I should therefore play the characters I want to play how I want to play them. We have a few defilers in the guild already although none at level 70. But I am not making Kayyla for the guild – she is for me to enjoy. I feel that I lack the quick reflexes or skills to run a good tank, scout or caster. I enjoy playing a support class and think I am a healer at heart so why would I not make another.

The style of healing for a Shammy feels so very very different to that of a cleric or druid, and I am sure that I will adventure in very different zones to where I leveled Kil now that I have the companionship of guildmates to do so. I am sure there will be enough that it will not feel like the same things all over again.

On other news, I took Killy on a labs raid last night. We had 20 players for a short while, but that soon dwindled to 16. We had only 4 healers no Shaman on raid for the main tank group *gasp* and Killy was the only Templar in raid. She healed like an absolute mad woman and love love loved it. However, with only 16 players (not all were level 70 either by the way) and no shaman, we only got as far as the corsolander. Very fine effort IMHO.

Kil also joined a small band of guildmates last week and we have started the Sword of Destiny quest line. I am sooooo excited that she might get her Lucanic Hammer, but I hold no hopes that she will have this upgraded to the epic weapon. Basically, we have finished Chapter one but *sigh* I am currently camping to get to Lord Ree. Then comes the coolness factor of Chapter 2 and collecting all the statues, feels like speak dragon all over again lol. Correct me if I am wrong but it feels like Unrest, Kaladim and CMM are going to be the tough ones.

Tonight I hope to have Killy get her update for SoD and then help out a new guildmate toward getting his last 2 adventure levels, some better gear and aa. Might start tonight with showing him where to get Hooluk Hat starter. I foresee some runs thru SoS, PoA and HoF in my future while a few of us help him to get his hat too 🙂

A couple more fun filled evenings Thursday, Sep 6 2007 

Well after my week away, there has been a fun filled few nights for Killy.

On Tuesday nite we went to FTH.  We did not have a full raid and insufficient DPS, so it was decided we would kill the first named in FTH and move on to HoS.  The plan worked beautifully – except with timing being as it was, by the time we reached pain and suffering it was getting pretty late and raid leader called it a night.

Then last night, we had a raid force of 22 and decided to head into Deathtoll.  Cheap cheap zone dropping only 2 chests, but it was all fun and games.  We got almost all the way to Tarinax when 😦 we tried to invis the last stretch and sadly the raid wiped right in the middle of a whole heap of aggro mobs.

I dont think too many folks cared one little bit because we got pretty far in a zone that many of us have visited no more than once or twice.  Awesome fun.

Now here is a topic I am interested in hearing what other people think.

Killy was in MT group for FTH and HoS but healing mage group for DT.  I felt completely comfortable and assured in my role in the MT group, but felt so completely unsure of my role in the mage group.  Yes Killy’s buffs give the Necro a bit more health for lifeburn, but I just dont know how to describe how or why I felt all at sea healing the mages. It made sense to have the inquis healing the mellee DPS boys because of her fabulous buffs for them, and I honestly honestly dont care whether or not I am in the MT group.  It is an honour to be there, but I dont feel upset if I am not – especially because the guild leader has been raid healing with his templar boy for way longer than I have been playing.

I guess what I am interested in is whether or not people feel that they have a different game experience depending on the make up of their group?  I know I really miss being grouped with a dirge for power regen.  I am confident in knowing where Killy should place her buffs and how to best use her heals etc with mellee players in the group, but there were times last night I really was quite unsure what was the best thing for me to be doing – so I panic healed the MT, watched my boys and cure/healed them, and otherwise just let loose with dps – well in so far as a Templar can let loose with dps 🙂

Anyway – lucky for me, we have a holiday tomorrow because President Bush is in Sydney for official engagements.  A holiday was declared to assist with the security considerations of the official proceedings.  No matter what my political views – I certainly wont be upset at having a holiday 🙂

Hapy gaming all!

Kilanna reaches another milestone. Monday, Sep 3 2007 

Well, after returning from vacation on the weekend, I had a chance to log into EQ2 and catch up with my friends and guildmates.

I know it was only a week I was away, but woah so much had changed.  There were heaps and heaps of new faces in the guild which is wonderful.  Another wonderful thing is that the guild dinged guild level 60.  How awesome is that 🙂

Well – something else excellent happened for Killy very soon after she logged on.  The epic spider in SS was up, and we rallied the guild to get together a raid force to take him out.  Yay for us, we smooshed him with very little trouble, and DING – she got her 100 aa 🙂

To celebrate, she bought that new manor house in South Qeynos that I have been talking about.  I spent a little time yesterday doing some decorating and that was a lot of fun.  The home still looks quite bare and disorganised at the moment, but I am sure it will take shape over the coming weeks.  How much do I love the moving crates that were recently introduced to the game!

Now Kil is 70/70/100 aa, I am having a lot of trouble deciding what to do next.  Do I want to level an alt for adventuring?   If so which of my girls should I pick?  Do I just focus on doing Claymore and SoD with Killy until the expansion comes out and work on all my girls tradeskills?  Isn’t it great to have the options !!

A lot of things have felt quite different in game lately.  I have been loving doing all the fun stuff with Kil, and forged some very strong bonds with some of my guildmates.  But I have really really been missing some of my other in game friendships.  I guess it is very normal that things would change a lot as I settled into the guild and settle down after the initial euphoria of having a level 70 toon, but it just feels like I have not been having the quieter time to just chill and chat with some of my friends that I used to.   For me personally, the social side of MMO’s is a major draw card.  I am not sure that it is just a female thing because I am pretty sure that lots of guys love the social aspect of MMO’s too.   I have mentioned previously that I value my in game friendships as much as my real life ones, and I just hope that the change in dynamic is merely part of the “settling” process and that those other in game friends are not feeling neglected.

I have also been very dissapointed with some guild drama that I have been sensing recently.  However, I was quite brave for the usual real life me, and I actually approached a guildmate that had upset me.  I spoke to them about what had happened calmly and rationally, and it appears that there may have been some misunderstanding.  No offence was intended, but I am still a little sad about some of the things that were said before I went on vacation.  I am trying very hard to stay removed from other issues that are going on in the guild, but find it difficult when I see things happening that affect my in game friends.  Once again I am struck by how little difference there is between the virtual worlds we inhabit and the real world 🙂

So tonight will see me probably doing some more decorating in Kils new manor house I think. I still have quite a few things needing to be unpacked from the moving crate.  Harvesting duty also calls in preparation for some more carpentry to fully furnish the new abode, which I also enjoy very much.  But of course that will be subject to whether or not any guildies want or need Killys help for a wee while.

As always, happy gaming everyone 🙂

Is vacation over already? Monday, Sep 3 2007 

Is my week already over?  I rolled over and switched off my alarm this morning and *sigh* yes it is back to the reality of work.

As I previously mentioned, my husband and I rented a beach house with our closest friends for the week last week.  We travelled up to the central coast of New South Wales – around 3 hours drive north of Sydney. 

The weather was nothing short of spectacular, the company fantastic, and much good food and wine was enjoyed by all.  There were dolphins in the bay, and plenty of swans, ducks and pelicans – simple pleasures I guess 🙂

We also had a magnificent opportunity to see the full lunar eclipse, and the time to enjoy it. 

There is something therapeutic and hypnotic about the pounding of the waves on the beach which I enjoy immensely.  Time to relax, spend some time with your own thoughts and get your own mind strait.  But, alas all good things must come to an end.  Hopefully now I can get into my work with renewed enthusiasm after my break.