Well, after returning from vacation on the weekend, I had a chance to log into EQ2 and catch up with my friends and guildmates.

I know it was only a week I was away, but woah so much had changed.  There were heaps and heaps of new faces in the guild which is wonderful.  Another wonderful thing is that the guild dinged guild level 60.  How awesome is that 🙂

Well – something else excellent happened for Killy very soon after she logged on.  The epic spider in SS was up, and we rallied the guild to get together a raid force to take him out.  Yay for us, we smooshed him with very little trouble, and DING – she got her 100 aa 🙂

To celebrate, she bought that new manor house in South Qeynos that I have been talking about.  I spent a little time yesterday doing some decorating and that was a lot of fun.  The home still looks quite bare and disorganised at the moment, but I am sure it will take shape over the coming weeks.  How much do I love the moving crates that were recently introduced to the game!

Now Kil is 70/70/100 aa, I am having a lot of trouble deciding what to do next.  Do I want to level an alt for adventuring?   If so which of my girls should I pick?  Do I just focus on doing Claymore and SoD with Killy until the expansion comes out and work on all my girls tradeskills?  Isn’t it great to have the options !!

A lot of things have felt quite different in game lately.  I have been loving doing all the fun stuff with Kil, and forged some very strong bonds with some of my guildmates.  But I have really really been missing some of my other in game friendships.  I guess it is very normal that things would change a lot as I settled into the guild and settle down after the initial euphoria of having a level 70 toon, but it just feels like I have not been having the quieter time to just chill and chat with some of my friends that I used to.   For me personally, the social side of MMO’s is a major draw card.  I am not sure that it is just a female thing because I am pretty sure that lots of guys love the social aspect of MMO’s too.   I have mentioned previously that I value my in game friendships as much as my real life ones, and I just hope that the change in dynamic is merely part of the “settling” process and that those other in game friends are not feeling neglected.

I have also been very dissapointed with some guild drama that I have been sensing recently.  However, I was quite brave for the usual real life me, and I actually approached a guildmate that had upset me.  I spoke to them about what had happened calmly and rationally, and it appears that there may have been some misunderstanding.  No offence was intended, but I am still a little sad about some of the things that were said before I went on vacation.  I am trying very hard to stay removed from other issues that are going on in the guild, but find it difficult when I see things happening that affect my in game friends.  Once again I am struck by how little difference there is between the virtual worlds we inhabit and the real world 🙂

So tonight will see me probably doing some more decorating in Kils new manor house I think. I still have quite a few things needing to be unpacked from the moving crate.  Harvesting duty also calls in preparation for some more carpentry to fully furnish the new abode, which I also enjoy very much.  But of course that will be subject to whether or not any guildies want or need Killys help for a wee while.

As always, happy gaming everyone 🙂