Well after my week away, there has been a fun filled few nights for Killy.

On Tuesday nite we went to FTH.  We did not have a full raid and insufficient DPS, so it was decided we would kill the first named in FTH and move on to HoS.  The plan worked beautifully – except with timing being as it was, by the time we reached pain and suffering it was getting pretty late and raid leader called it a night.

Then last night, we had a raid force of 22 and decided to head into Deathtoll.  Cheap cheap zone dropping only 2 chests, but it was all fun and games.  We got almost all the way to Tarinax when 😦 we tried to invis the last stretch and sadly the raid wiped right in the middle of a whole heap of aggro mobs.

I dont think too many folks cared one little bit because we got pretty far in a zone that many of us have visited no more than once or twice.  Awesome fun.

Now here is a topic I am interested in hearing what other people think.

Killy was in MT group for FTH and HoS but healing mage group for DT.  I felt completely comfortable and assured in my role in the MT group, but felt so completely unsure of my role in the mage group.  Yes Killy’s buffs give the Necro a bit more health for lifeburn, but I just dont know how to describe how or why I felt all at sea healing the mages. It made sense to have the inquis healing the mellee DPS boys because of her fabulous buffs for them, and I honestly honestly dont care whether or not I am in the MT group.  It is an honour to be there, but I dont feel upset if I am not – especially because the guild leader has been raid healing with his templar boy for way longer than I have been playing.

I guess what I am interested in is whether or not people feel that they have a different game experience depending on the make up of their group?  I know I really miss being grouped with a dirge for power regen.  I am confident in knowing where Killy should place her buffs and how to best use her heals etc with mellee players in the group, but there were times last night I really was quite unsure what was the best thing for me to be doing – so I panic healed the MT, watched my boys and cure/healed them, and otherwise just let loose with dps – well in so far as a Templar can let loose with dps 🙂

Anyway – lucky for me, we have a holiday tomorrow because President Bush is in Sydney for official engagements.  A holiday was declared to assist with the security considerations of the official proceedings.  No matter what my political views – I certainly wont be upset at having a holiday 🙂

Hapy gaming all!