As I mentioned on one of my latest posts, I am now wondering what to do ingame, since Kil is 70/70/100aa. I already had all my character slots full with alts – but these girls are for tradeskilling really. They are all a mixture of different adventuring classes – tank, dps, scout, caster, and healers, but none of them really really excited me very much to consider leveling them to 70.

When I was talking to a good friend in guild, he suggested that I look at defiler class and see how I like the sound of it. Well, I didn’t really have to check much out really, because I know how much Stargrace enjoys playing her Shaman girl. I know enough to know that we enjoy similar things in game, so I have taken the plunge and rolled a new alt with a view to leveling her to lvl 70. I decided to delete my little warlock girlie on AB because I really did not enjoy a caster class so much.

I find it terribly difficult to think up names for my characters, so I stole the same name as my Inquisitor girlie on AB – May I introduce to you Kayyla the Dark Elf Defiler.

A young citizen of Neriak, she has begun her adventures in the Darklight Woods. After assisting the fine patrons of Hates Envy, the T’var outpost, and Wonderlust fair; she is now ready to spread her wings and experience life in the big city of Freeport. At this point she will continue to call Neriak home, but she looks forward to the experiences that Freeport and the Commonlands will bring her.

Now call me a gluton for punishment, but looking to level another healer class will be a slow but I hope enjoyable process. So far over this weekend, defiler girlie has reached level 16 with 7 aa points. One of my guildmates brought his 70 dirge across and mentored for a wee while one evening. This very quickly brought Kayyla 2 levels and 2 aa points by questing. A friend of mine has also offered to give me his log in details so I can dual box with his 70 Conjuror. Should make for some fun and quick leveling 🙂

I think it is time to look at getting the little girls gear upgraded soon – to get Killy to make her some pretty baubles to wear and Tailor girl has already made her backpacks. I think my armoursmith and weaponsmith girl will make her some better gear, and sage girl will need to make her some spell upgrades because I noted she was struggling with the vampires in Darklight woods that were con blue.

A very wise young lady keeps reminding me that my gaming is for fun and I should therefore play the characters I want to play how I want to play them. We have a few defilers in the guild already although none at level 70. But I am not making Kayyla for the guild – she is for me to enjoy. I feel that I lack the quick reflexes or skills to run a good tank, scout or caster. I enjoy playing a support class and think I am a healer at heart so why would I not make another.

The style of healing for a Shammy feels so very very different to that of a cleric or druid, and I am sure that I will adventure in very different zones to where I leveled Kil now that I have the companionship of guildmates to do so. I am sure there will be enough that it will not feel like the same things all over again.

On other news, I took Killy on a labs raid last night. We had 20 players for a short while, but that soon dwindled to 16. We had only 4 healers no Shaman on raid for the main tank group *gasp* and Killy was the only Templar in raid. She healed like an absolute mad woman and love love loved it. However, with only 16 players (not all were level 70 either by the way) and no shaman, we only got as far as the corsolander. Very fine effort IMHO.

Kil also joined a small band of guildmates last week and we have started the Sword of Destiny quest line. I am sooooo excited that she might get her Lucanic Hammer, but I hold no hopes that she will have this upgraded to the epic weapon. Basically, we have finished Chapter one but *sigh* I am currently camping to get to Lord Ree. Then comes the coolness factor of Chapter 2 and collecting all the statues, feels like speak dragon all over again lol. Correct me if I am wrong but it feels like Unrest, Kaladim and CMM are going to be the tough ones.

Tonight I hope to have Killy get her update for SoD and then help out a new guildmate toward getting his last 2 adventure levels, some better gear and aa. Might start tonight with showing him where to get Hooluk Hat starter. I foresee some runs thru SoS, PoA and HoF in my future while a few of us help him to get his hat too 🙂