From the title of todays posting, it would not take a genius to work out where I spent most of my play time last night.

Killy headed into the Wailing Caves for her update to SoD again. *sigh* apon *sigh* the ring event with Lord Ree was not up.  I spent a little while talking about a few things with guild leader while I was waiting and waiting and waiting *giggles*

About that time, a brave swashy guildmate bid me to bring my little defiler girlie to the Fallen Gates for some xp.  He mentored Kayyla, and we ran around for a wee bitty, killed a few named and caused chaos.  DING DING Level 18 Defiler for Kayyla quicksmart, and some more aa to boot.

About that time, another friend logged on, and bid me to bring Killy to Achadechism to heal for him while he did the first part of SoD Chapter 2.  I was a bit dissapointed that Lord Ree had not showed himself to me yet, but nvm – Achadechism is hardly a long and difficult zone.   I have no doubt that the troll will tank me through there the next time we group.

After a world record fast run through there, Killy took another guildmate up to get his Hooluk hat started.  We got him to the scrollbearer so I believe a run to the Nest sometime in the next few nights will be in order.

After that, back down to Wailing Caves and *sigh* ring event still not up – the door was still locked.  As I was chatting with Stargrace to make sure there was nothing else I needed to do – her superior cross server telepathic powers of door opening did the trick – and there was my named *cheers*

At that moment, 2 knights in shining armour from the guild came to Kil’s assistance.  I didn’t want to mess it up and have to wait for the ring event to spawn again, and they had joined me before I even had the chance to ask if anyone was free.  The group of 5 Con green mobs would almost certainly have taken Kil down solo.   Now it is on to Achadechism for the start of Chapter 2 for her too:)

So, another busy night for my girls.  They both achieved something, and I had some fun and giggles doing it as always 🙂