Well, last night was a hugely eventful night for Killy and the guild.

Killy was in main tank group for raid.  Guild leader had his dirge boy in raid rather than his templar boy.  I feel very honoured each time I am in that group, because it feels to me like it is a position of trust.  The main tank has to trust that his Cleric and Shammy are going to be able to keep him up when the going gets tough.  The raid has to trust that the MT cleric will do their job and help keep main tank up or the whole raid risks wiping.

We went to FTH and killed the shredder.  We didn’t think we had the dps to go on and do the next named so we headed to HoS.  We died a few times is for sure, but again, that does not really matter either because we dont know that zone so well yet, and it is fun while we are working it all out together.

All that said, the MT group had a real sense of “community” too last night.  There were giggles between fights, there were comments of mutual thanks and respect and encouragement which was really nice.

Our guild community also lost 2 members last night.   One was an officer and a very experienced player indeed.  The other was a young man who I have a lot of time for.  Sad as it may sound, I found myself with tears rolling down my cheecks as he took his boys from the guild.

But you see, I dont feel embarrased about that at all.  Our guild is not a huge guild, and is quite close I guess.  The loss of 2 members of our small community will be felt.  For me it isnt that the officers Ranger tops raid damage parse, or that I like having the young man’s dirge in group for power regen.  None of that at all.  It is because I have enjoyed spending time with them in game and we have had some fun doing what we enjoy together.   We giggle about and celebrate shared experiences.

But, thank goodness for friends lists and /tell and /invite.  I am sure that we will still have the opportunity to have some more fun playing our game which we enjoy.   It is the community which makes EQ for me, and keeps me coming back.