Real life is keeping me quite busy at the moment.  Unfortunately, this means that my game time and blogging might not be as regular as I would like for a little while, but *shrug* it happens to the best of us.

Today’s post though, i would like to ponder a question related to our Sunday night raid.

We have been mixing up the raid schedule a bit lately and adding in some new zones.  This Sunday, we decided to raid Labs.

We had 15 people in the raid group, and no Shaman.  Killy was joined in MT group by a regular groupmate Fury and of course her favourite tanking troll; and we also had a Coercer, Dirge, and swashy.  A couple of the other healers in raid were 2 boxing. 

While I was certainly working pretty damned hard at healing, it was a great raid.  Some combats were a wee bit messy is for sure, but we CLEARED the zone.  The plate wearers got some love (even if nothing was for Killy), and we even smooshed Corsolander (did I mention I hate that mob already) and Lord V first time we pulled them.

I do not understand then why it is so that we have not cleared labs in a while with raid forces of over 20 toons.  Is it because we are less complacent, is it because we listen more, is it because there is less chance of someone ganking aggro from MT?

Personally, I think it may be a combination of a bit of all of the above factors.  I still find it wierd, and now in guild we joke that we should not go into labs if we have any more than 3 groups lol.

Last night I went out with some friends to see a live production of War of the Worlds.  It was absolutely spectacular.  I led a sheltered youth so much of the whole musical was new to me – however the main theme and “Forever Autumn” I recognised. Yay to the bacteria for taking down the martians!!!!  Richard Burton was Narrating, and the original conductor was part of the production along with Justin Hayword so it was very cool.

WotW meant I missed last nights raid into HoS, but we have a trip into Deathtoll planned for tonight.  We only got as far as the pesky Gnome last week, so here is hoping we can get a little further tonight!

As always – Happy gaming all 🙂