Well *blush* I was called out by Kendricke on his blog over the weekend, who encouraged me to write about my thoughts on the Commonlands of EQ2.

 I say *blush* because my posts always seem to be quite trivial and superficial compared to the type of writing that Kendricke posts.  But – I guess now is time for Killy to try a different type of writing.  So here we have it.

Now I would like to say up front that I am definitely more familiar with Antonica, but still have a girl that has quested through to Lvl 21 based in Freeport.  In addition, my baby defiler is also currently questing in the Commonlands a wee bitty.

I love the savanah type atmosphere of the zone, and the choice of mobs to populate the zone to match that atmosphere.  I imagine myself to be somewhere in Central Africa, watching the elephants, lions and wild dogs around the waterholes.  I love the terrain and the colours of the zone.

Now to balance that, I have got to say that I find the quests there to be quite uninspired.  There seems to be alot of “Kill x of y” type quests.   Maybe I was spoiled by my late entry into the game – you see I started playing not long before EoF was released, and am currently questing a baby girl through Darklight Woods.  I find that the story behind the quest lines in the more recent expansion zones makes the questing more fun and interesting.  I would also like to see more quests in that zone.  More quests means more xp and more aa. 

Currently, I am personally part of a guild that I love, and is quite active.  However, I strongly advocate sufficient quantity and quality of quests for players who might choose to quest through these lower levels by themselves.  Some may do this to get used to the interface and their character before they find a guild or a group of online friends.

I do also rather like the instance areas in this Zone.  I have headed into Fallen Gates with my little girl in a group and hope to take her into wailing caves in the not too distant future too.  They have a completely different feel to places like Stormhold and Blackburrow in Antonica.

So – hopefully I have given some constructive commentary, and expressed my views in a clear and balanced way 🙂

 Happy gaming everyone 🙂