I know I have been a little slow to post this, but recently I was tagged to discuss the question of what I thought was the ideal class for the races available in EQ2.

Well I have to say (not to appear all single white female) that my views are quite similar to those expressed by Stargrace on this very point.

I dont think that there should be restrictions on the classes that are available to each race.  If I want to be an elven fighter class – I must accept that the stats will be modified compared to say a stout dwarf or a big boofy troll.   But so what? 

It goes without saying that there are archetypes that we see in places like Tolkien’s LoTR – the elven ranger, the dwarven fighter, the human mages and priests, the halfling scouts.  But you know what – I love the idea of a dwarven monk, or an ogre briggand, or a fairy tank lol.  Our choices should only be limited by our imaginations IMHO.

Anyone who has read more than 2 of my posts knows how much I love my Templar girlie.  I would love to move her to Freeport just because I love the housing and find that the city is more inspired than Qeynos.  Unfortunately I cant do that without betraying and losing some beloved Templar abilities.  I would like to be able to start any race with any class in any location. 

Anyhow, enough of my ramblings for now.  Happy gaming everyone!