Venekor and HoS Wednesday, Oct 31 2007 

Last night saw us have a little trundle along into HoS with a very tidy looking raid force.  We had I think 21 or 22 so it was looking fantastic.  Now we did indeed have some very untidy fights.  Killy was down to 10% by the time she called back to town and mended.  But IMHO we had a very very good night.

Up until now, I have only ever gotten as far as Pain and Suffering.  Killy currently sports the very pretty Spaulders of Suffering, and last night one of our healers luckily scored the leather shoulders of suffering.    Last night though, the last time we wiped I actually caught my first veiw of Venekor.  Another very impressive looking Dragon isn’t he?

I had been chatting quite a lot with our illustrious lord and master MT *giggle* and we had been talking about some macros and so on that we could try.  He wanted to know when he is buffed to make sure that he does not pull the mobs too soon to give healers aggro.   He was also worried about when our Shaman uses his soul ward, to make sure we know so we can get some heals on him real quick.  So we healers tried a few of those things out and things seemed to go very well.

Well I think that maybe 2 of the wipes were my fault *gulp* because first time I didn’t realise just how quick the cures needed to be, and I was casting other spells.  I especially hated the guy with the Trauma DoT.  He put the poor Troll down like a proverbial sack of potatoes first time 😦   Now I know that the only thing I do on that guy is just trauma cures constantly.

Also on pain and suffering, I think I was just the weeniest bit too slow with one of the DoTs and the poor MT ended up with no power.

OK so I have become so completely obsessed with Killys heal parse too – I actually was quite dissapointed last night.  However, I need to just keep telling myself numbers shmumbers – there were several combats that I had to do nothing but cure and absolutely NO HEALS. 

Stargrace told me I should be less conscious of the heal parse unless there is trouble taking down mobs that should be achievable.  We would not even have been able to kill maybe 2 of the named we did last night without Killy just sitting there spamming cures at the MT so she was doing her job.  It is more important that I take care of cures so our Shaman can take care of wards and heals bless him.  He had a 1.4 Mill heal parse last night – poor Killy only 660K.  Looks like I have another boy to look after along with the top DPS parser and MT 🙂

So it is off to DT we go tonight.  I am pretty confident we can get our way to the big T.  If we have the same raid force tonight then I reckon we might even have a chance at taking him down, which would be grand indeed.  Claymore finished for probably 3 or 4 of the guild.

More updates soon – Happy hunting all 🙂


Fun on a Monday. Monday, Oct 29 2007 

Well after such an awesome raid Sunday night, I was looking forward to some more fun in Norrath.

Well fun fun fun we had.  Got together with my honourable troll guard friend, our very cute Elf fury friend 🙂  and a couple of other guildies to get them their SoD statue in Unrest. Not to mention Killy was hopeful to get her chestplate 🙂

Well it was the best run I have ever had in Unrest.  We managed to get all the way to the second last combat of the entire zone before we died le sigh.  The troll got his boots, and the coercer got both his chestplate and the Cloak of Unrest 🙂  WD to him but the chest plate was supposed to be mine lol.  Killy also won lotto on a beautiful Legendary healer/caster ring.  However, I already wear 2 legendary rings and decided to give it to my Fury friend as it was a HUGE upgrade for his girl.

Killy healed around 1 million points of damage in our little foray, and my Fury companion around 650K with some very nice DPS.  I have to learn to stop worrying so much about the numbers.  Intellectually I know that some of the most important stuff my girl does will not show up on the parse lol.

We have also been trying a whole bunch of things in groups to see what we can do about maxing out Killys healing and making the most efficient use of her power, as well as discussing some other strategies to help our raid communication go more smoothly.  Much better to do that sort of stuff outside of the pressure of raid situations I say 🙂

So, into HoS we go tonight, and Deathtoll tomorrow.  Looking forward to it very much.

Anyhows, best get on with the rest of my day I guess.  Happy hunting all!

Oh what a night! Sunday, Oct 28 2007 

Well, with another busy weekend offline over, I still have some fun and games to report!.

As I have mentioned a few times, we have a group of us in the guild who are all at the same point in Claymore, and have been progressing it together for some weeks now.  So Friday night saw us get the group together and get the next step done.  We are now up to AoAx2.  Once again, the camping of the updates for the tomes was frustratingly slow at some times, but the nice company made it enjoyable and fun.

After I got home on Saturday night from a good friends wedding, I logged on to have a quick muck around and do some tinkering with Killy.  I had the most wonderful time talking with Stargrace and giggling with some guildmates for a little while.

Sunday night saw us raiding Labs.  And all I can say is what a night!!.

We had 17 folks.  We absolutely aced the zone.  We did not wipe even once, and the only deaths were a couple of the mages.  We killed Corso and Vyemm first time we pulled them.   I swear that it was the best raid I can remember attending.

As for loot – it was hilarious.  Our defiler scored himself the lions share of the loot!  We were making fun of him, but really and truly it is good for the whole raid that he is pimped.  Much better for him to get lots of pretties than for them to rot.  Killy rolled for some loot at the end and could not manage to roll double figures on her /rand 100 rolls lol.

So, another weekend of fun and games in Norrath over and done. 

This week will see Killy continuing to work on her Tinkering, and we have raids scheduled in HoS and Deathtoll.   I am hoping we should get further than Pain and Suffering in HoS now we have our defiler.  In addition, it would be nice to see us get the big T when we hit Deathtoll.  But we shall see.

Happing hunting as always 🙂

Deathtoll and Tarinax Thursday, Oct 25 2007 

It came to my attention yesterday that a guildmate had stumbled apon my blog and has been lurking for a wee while.  He then passed this information along to another in game buddy *blush*.  I guess it had to happen sooner or later eh.  Hiya boys 🙂

Now last nights adventure was a planned trip down to Deathtoll.  I think this is only the 3rd or 4th time I have visited the zone.  The first time was the night Killy dinged 70.  For the first half a dozen pulls or so I had an absolute shocker.  My timing for sanctuary absolutely SUCKED and my usually friendly MT didn’t let me forget it either lol. 

After we got past the first named though, things settled down nicely.  Killy was assigned her duties as the main liason between Raid leaders and healers.  She made her first organisational requests to make sure that the MA had dedicated healers for off tanking some adds, making sure MT group was covered for cures etc.

Speaking of which.  For the first time ever I got grumpy at our MT.  Just before the cheeky named Gnome, there is an eyeball that has a charm that makes the tank attack his own allies.  I remembered this from my last trip and was ready with cures.  But darn it – when the eyeball hit him he had 3 levels of DoTs.  He called for me to make sure I cured him as the second DoT was coming off.   I was doing my job so got very grumpy when he thought I was not.  Le sigh – all forgotten now but I feel bad about letting something so silly get me annoyed lol.

Well that whole zone of DT was absolutely DoT city, so lots of curing going on last nite for sure.  I hope I get used to my heal parse –  Last night I was barely parsing 2/3 of my defiler colleague, but know that a lot of my contributions are not necessarily measured on the parse which is just fine too.

Anyhow – so after around 2 hours with no wipes which was great, we got close to the end of the zone.  We decided to skip the last named before Tarinax – a snake in the water i believe but i dont remember his name – because time was not on our side.

Well we walked out of the corridor and into the chamber and there was the dragon in all his glory.  Woah he is an impressive looking boy!!.

We tried and failed to take down the big T a few times – and called it a night.  We did only have barely 3 groups so I think to get that far was a pretty damned impressive.  This is the first time I have gotten past the pesky Gnome, and heck we had a wee bit of fun doing it 🙂

As far as loot goes, there was not a whole lot of love happening – but our defiler got himself a few pieces which was neat for him.  A very nice looking belt dropped, but Killy didn’t roll because she got a very very pretty belt from the Corsolander on Sunday night.  Other than that, if I recall the hurler boy dropped a nice fabled one handed piercing weapon for a scout.

Dunno what the next few days in game will hold – I am actually pretty keen now to get claymore to the point of just needing Tarinax.  If memory serves I am needing AoAx2, the named Epic in Bonemire, and a few other wee bits and pieces including a run to HoF.  I also have to finish getting my 50 Statues for SoD.  I will want to be doing my RoK epic questline on Killy and have heard that we will need both SoD and Claymore completed to do so.

Today marks 6 months since I started my blog and Killy joined her guild.  It was kinda cool to look back over some of my early entries and see how noobishly excited I was and to see how much I have changed as a player.  I have met a lot of very nice folks too, and it is lovely to have my blog as memories of some of the fun I have had.

Anyhow, off to get on with the rest of my day – happy gaming everyone!!

Deathtoll access. Tuesday, Oct 23 2007 

Last night raid leader had scheduled us to revisit AoAx4 to kill Talendor for some folks to get DT Access.  Well we had 3 full groups just from the guild, and very quickly picked up a few folks from outside the guild to join us.

We changed things around a bit.  We had 6 healers on and 2 troubadors.  We had a co-ercer and an illusionist, but *cries* no dirge in MT group for power regen 🙂

We had Defilier, Killy and a regular groupmate Fury in MT group with a trouby and the Illusionist.  All I can say is badaboom badaboom!!!.  Talendor went down like a sack of potatoes, 6 guildies now have DT access and 8 guildies had aa level dings.  Outstanding!!

Now I know it is a bit late and all , but Killy did actually start her DT access quest last night too.  Not so bad really, thinking about the AA and XP when I eventually get around to finishing it because RoK will no doubt be out by then.

So tonight is Deathtoll raid.  Looking forward to it.  Whilst I am very very jealous of his heal parse lol it is wonderful to have a dedicated Shammy in MT group now.  I think it will help us to get further in DT for sure.

After the boys got their DT access last nite, raid leader had a chat with me.  A girl could get seriously self conscious with all this attention, but Killy has been designated raid heal leader, and will have access to the raid officer channel. 

I really really really can not express how humbled I am, and surprised and embarresed but thrilled with the further vote of confidence all at once.  Yes EQ is just a game, but it does feel nice to have your contribution valued.

Once again yesterday, I was struck by the power of our online friendships.  I spent quite a lot of time worrying about one of my online friends even though we have never met.   He has quite a lot of very serious things going on in his life,  but I was questioning whether or not it was healthy to harbour such concern. 

I compare it though to the friendship of a work colleague I guess, and I dont think it would cross my mind as unusual at all if I was this concerned about someone I had met face to face and had regular contact with.  I guess it just feels wierd to be concerned about someone whom you have not met face to face. 

Anyhow, best get on with the rest of my day.  Happy gaming all 🙂

A bit slow – but I got there eventually! Tuesday, Oct 23 2007 

Well I know that it is almost a week since the last game update and the release of the new SoF zone.  My poor girl felt left out because she had not been there yet 🙂

I made a deal last week with my brave troll warrior friend, and last night we got a group together and Killy took her first run down there.  I love the visuals of the zone but pretty soon learned to hate those little imp critters.  Their DoT’s are appaling and I hate them 😦  If Killy gets hit with that DoT first up – Stunned cant cure cant heal – Just has to stand there watching the tanks health going down.  It sort of felt like I spent more time stunned than actually healing lol – but know that was not the case really.

Saw the Dracolitch – woah he is handsome, but we only admired him from afar at this point hehe.

I could almost cry with the aa last night that was going to waste so close to the expansion though.  There was quests completed, named killed and discovery aa too.  I was almost tempted to wait until the expansion to go in there , but patience has never been one of my strong points hehe.

I am sure we will go down there again plenty of times.  Unlike zones such as CMM and the Catacombs where it is really important to keep close to your tank, I think that this zone is one where it is probably important for Killy to stay away from the action to try and avoid some of those DoT’s, but that will take careful careful observation to make sure I dont attract adds.

Since I have been doing basically ZIP dps with Killy lately – I have also decided to respec her aa to go down the mana cures line instead of the smite wrath line.  Considering that when ever I adventure I am either with a tank in a group, or it is in raid, a reactive heal from the cures could really be much more beneficial to her I think.  

I have discussed this with my regular tanking partner in crime and we are going to try it out and see how it goes.  Meh – worst that can happen is I dont like it and I respec again – no harm done at all.

On other related news – I was absolutely thrilled last night when guild leader asked me if I was willing to accept a guild officership.  When I was chatting with Stargrace, she said she was not really surprised, but I genuinely was quite shocked.  I am very humbled that some of my guildmates think I deserve the title, it makes a girl feel nice when others give you such a vote of confidence.

Anyhows – better get on with the rest of my day!!  Happy hunting all 🙂

To heal or to cure – revisited. Monday, Oct 22 2007 

Well last night we got 15 people together.  We were scheduled to do labs and decided to see how far we could get.  Killy was joined in MT group by a new Shaman.  This shaman is the new main of a regular guild member.

As we commenced proceedings, we discussed among the two of us who would be responsible for curing.  I had been thinking about it a wee bitty since last Wed, and I had chatted with Stargrace about this and always respect her advice. 

We made a decision between us that Killy would do the group cure arcane, the defiler would do the group cure noxious and then we would each be responsible for point cures on ourselves and 2 other members each.   That seemed to work an absolute treat.  Having designated that responsibility meant that we really didn’t have DoT’s hanging around on anyone for too long at all.  Only 2 times it happened that I used my group cure arcane, and during its 30 second recast timer another group arcane DoT went off 😦  but that is something that you just have to adjust too as a good healer.

Through the entire raid we had NO DEATHS up until the corsolander.  We wiped once on the corsolander and once on Vyemm and cleared the zone woooooooot.  IMHO I think the entire group did an absolutely fantastic job and we had a good time doing it too 🙂

Now – I am ashamed to admitt that I was just a little dissapointed that my girl did not parse first on the heal parse.  But, I am very happy to say that the order of the heal parse looked as it should have been.

 MT Shammy 1.35 Million.  Killy 910K Followed by the DPS fury, DPS Templar, then Inquis for mage group.

It feels to me like a huge huge gap between our defiler companion and my girl.  I am wondering if that is normal to have such a huge gap.  I must chat with some more experienced raid Templars (oh I wonder who that could be *grins*) to see if that is their usual experience 🙂

Other than that, this weekend was quite a busy one offline – so my only playtime this whole weekend was Sunday night raid.  My new PC is build but it is having some teething problems so I didn’t get the chance to use it for raid last night.  Might spend some time tonight getting it sorted before tomorrow nights raid which would be neato.

 Anyhow, enough of my little ramblings.  As always – happy hunting all 🙂

To heal or to cure? Thursday, Oct 18 2007 

Well last night was a very messy night and we did not achieve much in game – but I was still having a good time hanging out with my guildies.

I thought we were doing AoAx2 last night – but actually we were doing AoAx4.  Last week we killed Gorenaire (I am a bad speller) and last night was Tallendors turn.  He is one mean and nasty dragon. 

So we pretty easily got ourselves past the first mobs at the door and up the elevator.  Up again to the Second floor and there he was.  Such an impressive sight.

Now we tried him easily more than half a dozen times – and each time we ended up in trouble.  At first,  we seemed to do OK – getting only the 2 adds for the MT spawning each time the AoE went off.  But somehow, when we got to a certain point, we seemed to end up over-run by those little adds.   Not to worry – we will get him one day.

*giggles* the first time MT pulled the dragon, both Killy and the MT Shaman got smooshed.  I had cast Sanctuary and the Shammy had cast bolster before the pull – so we were a little snack for the big dragon 🙂

Now there are sort of 2 related things that I got to thinking about last night as the raid went on and wound up.  Killy absolutely aced the heal parse again – surprisingly over the MT Shammy who was not 2 boxing, although the shaman is not that players main toon.

The combats last night were an absolute nightmare for DoT’s and Killy spent a lot of time curing – but I was wondering if I did not spend enough time curing.   A lot of the time I was worried about our heroic troll with his health going into the yellow and orange and while I did indeed cure the MT as quickly as I could, I was more focussed on keeping his health up, and the Shaman too.  This meant that sometimes other members of the group had DoT’s on them longer than they should have I guess.   If the MT health was fine then I would cure away to my hearts content.  I dont think anyone died at all in our group from these DoT’s, but should I be curing DoT’s and trusting in the other raid healers to cover MT health?

Now I am not completely obsessed with my girls heal parse – but it is imporatant to me to do my part well.  The heal parse is one part of that IMHO, but it is not the be all and end all.  I think I have a pretty good balance going.  I guess there is no point curing the MT Swashy with near full health if the MT is about to die.  I guess it is just the way it is with us healers – we dont like to see ANY deaths.

I guess my conclusion was that a good MT Templar will indeed look after the MT and his shaman for the wards.  The other healers have their own groups to look after, and they can certainly help with panic healing the MT – but healing MT is my main job.  Curing as many of the nasty DoTs as I can certainly is right up there, but there is no point curing first if he is going to die.  I know that there are some DoTs that will definitely kill if they are not cured, but generally know that before fighting those particular mobs.  Those cures will go off before any heals of course.

So – that was another evening of fun and games in Norrath.  As always, Happy hunting everyone 🙂

MoA and Castle Mistmoor Wednesday, Oct 17 2007 

Well, after getting home from work last night and taking care of all the usual bits and pieces – it was time to log on for our Tuesday night raid – this week we had the Epic component of MoA scheduled.

Well – thanks to our trusted Troll MT it all went off without a hitch.  Some fights were a wee bit messy but we never wiped once the whole raid.  It took us probably less than half an hour once we all got zoned in got everyone together and sorted.

The last named in particular was an awesome pull by the big boy 🙂  We had easily 10 people with aa dings and even more with new MoA neck pieces to wear.  What a fantastic result.  Killy also excelled herself with an awesome heal parse greater than double the next healer in raid (which sounds impressive till i mention all the other healers in raid were dual boxing lol).

After raid started breaking up, one of the guys asked if anyone was interested in a trip to CMM.  It was real early so I put my hand up.  My oh my that zone is like a nightmare.  The place is full of nasties – and is certainly very very unforgiving.  We had a pretty good group together imho – Necro, Swashy, Coercer, Zerker, Fury and Killy.   We had our little plate, chain, leather and cloth wearing butts smote all over the walls and floor.

Killy had not been to some parts of the Castle before.  I am thinking that if we take trips into there from time to time though – we will learn more about the zone and it wont seem so daunting.  Same as we have sort of found with Unrest.

It is neat that there are still some challenges for players – even those who are 70/70/100aa,  and pretty dang well equipped with quite a bit of high end gear and master spells.  Getting some of  our SoD updates may be a bit difficult unless we can get together enough people – but we shall pass that bridge when we come to it 🙂

Had a nice chatter with Stargrace today too.  She was all excited about the return of lots of her Fury umm I mean Warden girls housing items.  Seems that she has been happily redecorating with SoE customer service coming thru for her again 🙂

Take care and happy hunting all 🙂

Tuesday tales Tuesday, Oct 16 2007 

Well, another busy weekend over.  Spent some time indulging some of my offline interests for some of the weekend which was fun.  I enjoy making jewelery – what can I say I am a girl and I love my bling 🙂  There was a craft show/exhibition where I got some inspiration and some supplies for making some new pretties.  Not necessarily an interest of your usual computer geek – but then again I am not the usual computer geek i guess 🙂

In game, we raided labs with 18 and absolutely aced the zone.   We took out Corsolander and Vyemm the first time we pulled them which was awesome.

I may have already mentioned that there are a group of us folks in guild all on the same spot on Claymore so we got together our group and progressed it quite nicely over the weekend too.  We quested in PoA, collected crystals from baths and collected the numbered gems including the one from the named dragon.  Le sigh – we camped him for around 2 hours so all of us could have updates but the very nice company made it very bearable indeed. 

Also, the next night found Killy camping that very same room for some guildmates to get their dreadknight updates for Hooloh’s hat.  Man oh man we killed him 4 times to get the dreadknights and the guys STILL did not get their updates.

Somewhere in there this weekend was also a pretty fast run thru Unrest.  A Fury guildmate got his girl’s chestplate and *cheers* Killy got her Nem’Ank hat.  As far as Unrest goes, it was a pretty quick and efficient run.  I think my girl only died 3 times the whole zone.

Last night when I logged on after work, it was a pretty quiet night ingame actually.  A few guildmates are getting pretty eager to progress SoD, so I have gotten a little bit more focussed on getting all of those statues collected to finish the Chapter and move on to the named in CMM.  Last night a few of the guys helped Killy with her statues from Kaladim, CMM and New Tunaria, so she is getting there.

In some ways it seems silly to be working a big quest line so close to an expansion, but if I get Killy her Lucanic Hammer and maybe get it upgraded to the Soulfire Hammer, I think it might do her well even with the new Epic weapons that we are expecting in the expansion.  Adorn that weapon and by geez the extra more than 100 to heals will be VERY VERY pretty. 

I also was blushing and embarrased, but thrilled and proud last night when a few guildmates asked me if I would be willing to accept nomination for one of the new guild officer positions.  I know EQ is just a game and all, but it makes you feel pretty nice to know you are respected by your colleagues, even though Killys contribution to the guild does not seem as significant as some other members of the guild at times.

So what is on the cards for this week ingame?  Well, we have an MoA raid planned for Tonight, and AoAx2 planned for tomorrow night.  I may not have mentioned but Killy got into a pick up MoA raid on my birthday and now proudly wears her neck piece.  It will be neat to get this raid done cos there are a few folk in guild who will have a new piece to wear after tonight hopefully!

Enough chitter chatter for now I guess.  Happy gaming all 🙂

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