Well it was a holiday weekend for us here in Australia this past weekend. Between spending time with friends, and household stuff, I did still have a great time gaming this weekend.

Quite by accident, my defiler girlie has been put on the backburner for a while – and Killy’s new alt I am leveling is a high elf girl called Chalithra. Now Chalithra was a druid I made about 9 months ago – what can I say I love my healers. She is a very pretty Warden girl but mostly I made her for her tradeskilling – she is a T5 Carpenter.

I dont actually know how this has happened – because I really was enjoying defiler girl. But over the weekend, I find myself with a girl who has advanced an insane 21 levels – that is right – she has gone from lvl 8-29 since Friday night and obviously has zero vitality left. She also finds herself with an amazing 19 aa points too.

Starting on Friday, my friendly troll tank and trusted Wizzy companion took Chalithra to The Caves where she dinged it felt like 4 levels in 15 minutes lol. As the weekend progressed, we went around Antonica and Thundering Steppes, into Blackburrow, Fallen Gates, Stormhold and Ruins of Varsoon.

In addition, Chalithra is very soon to become a Fury. One of my good friends in guild is a Fury and is very fond of playing her. In addition, I understand that Fury have excellent DPS for a healing class, and am quite looking forward to progressing her further. After my experiences with Killy trying to DPS, I know that healers are for healing and NOT for DPS. However, I thought it would be nice to have another girl who can do some stuff on her own when Killy is having a rest.

Well a huge hug and thankyou to (I hope it doesn’t matter if I drop names, but they don’t know I blog anyhow lol) Jess, Wazza, Shandris, Inferno, Aazzadan and Danonia from my guild for a fantastically fun weekend!!!

As far as the betrayal side of things goes – eq2.wikia.com has the best information that really helped to make sure I didn’t waste time – and by gosh I am thankful for that. There was nothing overly difficult about either doing the betrayal quests themselves or even the quests to grind faction for my new home city of Neriak. The thing is you see in the early 20s, these quests took AGES to do. And actually, I think that they should take a long time too. I think that betrayal SHOULD be painfull and should come with a cost, so I dont mind that I spent so much time grinding freaking vampires in Darklight Woods to get enough vampire priests to spawn for quest updates lol.

Right now, I am up to the second quest for Citizenship to Neriak, to take the messenger over to the Freeport Gates in the commonlands. If I recall correctly, there are a further 2 quests before I can call Neriak home and change to a Fury.

I was absolutely thrilled tonight to get my girl her first master for when she becomes a fury, her first fabled item (a pretty hammer) and a couple of other legendary items for when she dings her next level. So she is already off and running, and I am completely loving my new experiences of travelling around these lower level zones seeing stuff that Killy never had a chance to see and do at the appropriate levels.

Did I mention – Man I love my EQ2 🙂 !

Happy gaming everyone!!!