Well, the last few nights I have had in game have been pretty full on fun as always.

We have had our regular scheduled raids, and have gone to HoS and the Lyceum this week.  Both nights Killy was in Main Tank group.  I do rather like being in MT group just because I am really clear where my buffs are best to be used, and all my heals are useful.  It also helps that MT and I are good ingame buddies and group together a lot outside of raids 🙂

Both nights, Killy has topped the heal parse which makes me proud to know that my girl is doing her job.  MT Mystic was 2 boxing which explains why Killy was outparsing him.  I realise that reading the heal parse is not the be all and end all, but it does give an indication that I am indeed playing my part.  At long last I am truly starting to believe that I do an adequate job as a raid healer 🙂  One very nice guildie also said that my girl would be his healer of choice from the whole guild as a tank *blush*.

I also got some great encouragment that my new little healer girl was doing a good job too in groups last weekend, so I guess I can stop worrying that other guildies have been playing healers for a longer time, and just enjoy my own little pixelated toons.

In between times, I have also done those last couple of bits and pieces to finish of Chali’s betrayal and she is now a fury.  Now comes the fantastic fun of getting to know her spells, getting her upgraded, and enjoying playing a healer with some darn good dps.  I am looking forward to having a girl who can do lots of stuff while Killy is having a rest 🙂

I dont think I could bring myself to betray another of my girls.  The quests were not awfully difficult but took a long time and I found them quite painful actually.  However, once again I re-iterate that I think that there should be some cost to betrayal – it should have some associated pain.  But the quests were very very achievable so hats off to SoE for achieving a good balance between those two aspects imho.

As far as our actual raids *cheers for my guildies* I think we did great.  We got further than ever in HoS and actually killed Pain and Suffering.  I know that Killy already did them in a pick up raid but it was cool to get it done in guild.  Lyceum was also cool but we didn’t get Gnorbl or Vilucidae mostly because we didn’t have enough healers in raid I think.   The last time we tried Vilucidae last night, we were travelling along quite nicely and *splat* MT went from the green to DEAD just like that 😦  However, the rest of the raid felt controlled, orderly and not panicked at all.

So – once again enough of my ramblings for now and I bid you a good day!!  Happy hunting 🙂