Well, as soon as I logged on last night, I was invited to run around some T6 instances to help get some xp/aa for some guildies.  So, Killy had a bit of a run for a wee while which I always enjoy.  Mission accomplished, we got a few of the guys some levels, some aa and some loot for transmuting.

I must say we had an absolute SHOCKER with loot drops – only one metal chest dropped all night, but there was much fun and we all had a chat and a few giggles while we were at it which makes it all worthwhile.

After the other guys logged for the night, I was struggling with my insomnia lol so switched over to Chalithra for a while and made it my mission to get as many of my druid ring portals as I could manage at lvl 30.  

It just took me a little while to work out what I needed to do – but not too long thanks again eq2.wikia.com.  Speak to the portal trainer, visit the druid rings and harvest leaves, return to portal trainer, port back to said druid ring and use the item given to you by the portal trainer.  Once I had done it once, I was off and running.  So last night I picked up Antonica, Commonlands, Butcherblock and Greater Faydark.  I think now I only have Steamfont remaining but that will have to wait a few levels i think 🙂

I am pretty sure Chali got a little aa for completing those quests too, which is always a bonus!.

To finish of the evening nicely, I jumped onto Killy to harvest some T1 loams to get her started on her tinkering career for a few minutes while i finished my cup of tea before bed.  A nice mixture of bits and pieces for the evening which I always enjoy!!

 Happy hunting all 🙂