Well, real life continues to keep me out of mischief 🙂  I am trying to update as much as I get the chance and hope that things will be back to normal just in time for the release of the expansion.

Last few nights in game have been a lot of fun for me as always.  We have done a couple of guild raids, Killy has been mentoring one of her guildies toons as he levels his newest boy, and a little bit of time has been left over for my Fury girl to work on some quests for aa.

At long last, I am actually starting to believe that I am not a bad healer.  I have always enjoyed playing my girl and all, but I have been getting some complements and extraordinary heal parses the last few weeks.  Makes me look forward to logging on to my girl and going out for a run around with my guildies really – which is all that one needs sometimes.  And hey – we all play for the fun and enjoyment right 🙂

I dont really care so much for the uber gear (mind you Killy is more fun now she is in Fabled 🙂 )  or whatever – I just like having a fun time and doing “stuff”.  Lately, I have been working Claymore, and thank the gods of Norrath am finally out of SoS 🙂  Have a few other guildies at the same stage so that works out very very nicely for some company while doing it.

While I am sure that I will have a sensational sense of accomplishment to get Claymore finished, I dont think I would tackle that quest line with any of my other characters at all.  Talk about long long long *giggles*

I was also thrilled the other night to have a great chatter with Stargrace.  I had really missed her, and it was great just catching up and chatting about what has been going on in real life.  I am thinking about a vacation to the US and Canada next year, and am hoping to have the chance to meet up with a few of my ingame friends, in particular Stargrace and a guildmate that I regularly group with.   The very thought is making me excited.  A trip to Ottawa and the twin cities in MN among other places 🙂

Just goes to show how small a world we have and how cool the interwebs really is when you get the chance to meet cool people that you would not have had the chance to meet otherwise 🙂