Last night I logged on to my little fury girl for a wee bit of fun questing.  I was a little late and folks had mostly gone out adventuring already.  I did not mind at all, I was quite happy to potter about and chatter with my guildmates for a while.

Right about then, some guildies called for Killy to come help heal them through HoF for updates to the Blood of the Brood.  No problems says Killy and off we go 🙂  We were soon joined by the always helpful Troll MT, and we were off and racing.  Updates down and everyone happy!

When I gated back to Qeynos, we had a guild mail asking for nomination of 3 new guild officers.  I though carefully about this, and wondered about what I thought made a good guild officer – and here is what I came up with:

  1. Helpfullness – some one who consistently and willingly supports other members of the guild, without expectation.  Whether it be with their time to help with updates, or with helping them getting gear to help improve a character, or advice on how to go about things or where to find things. 
  2. Respect – Treats all members of the guild with dignity and respect all the time, fosters a positive atmosphere and is encouraging.  They must actively discourage disrespect and divisive conversation within the guild.
  3. Inclusiveness – someone who encourages behaviour which is inclusive.  I know that Kendricke has spoken about cliques before on his blog – they are bad.  It is however natural that we fall into perhaps grouping with certain people more often than others.  This may happen for a number of reasons such as the class you play and your playstyle, and I think this should be encouraged.  But IMO a good officer will ensure that everyone is included in activities, or knows that they have the opportunity to be included.
  4. Pro-active :  I think a good officer will always be thinking about what is good for the guild.  Take as an example the guild competition we had in August with a prize for the top 5 guild status earners for the month.  That encouraged a friendly compeditive atmosphere, people got together in groups to complete HQ’s and writs, and the guild got 5 levels that month.  An inspired idea IMHO.
  5. Game knowledge: I am not all that sure that I think every officer has to have a deep deep knowledge of the game mechanics and strategies and how to mega pimp.  I think it is important that they know quite a bit and where to find information and where to direct people if they want and need more advice – but I dont think they need to have all the answers themselves.

OK so based on these criteria, I made my nominations of three of my guildmates.  The first is a friend from the twin cities in MN that I group with a lot, the second is the guilds briggand and a very nice fellow, the third is our MT Swashy who is from New Zealand but I wont hold that against him hehe. 

I wonder if folk who have played longer or have a different playstyle to my own would come up with a different list.  Is it different for a “hard core” raid guild compared to my more casual guild?  I am not sure that the criteria would be all that different really.

Happy hunting as always all 🙂