Well, another busy weekend over.  Spent some time indulging some of my offline interests for some of the weekend which was fun.  I enjoy making jewelery – what can I say I am a girl and I love my bling 🙂  There was a craft show/exhibition where I got some inspiration and some supplies for making some new pretties.  Not necessarily an interest of your usual computer geek – but then again I am not the usual computer geek i guess 🙂

In game, we raided labs with 18 and absolutely aced the zone.   We took out Corsolander and Vyemm the first time we pulled them which was awesome.

I may have already mentioned that there are a group of us folks in guild all on the same spot on Claymore so we got together our group and progressed it quite nicely over the weekend too.  We quested in PoA, collected crystals from baths and collected the numbered gems including the one from the named dragon.  Le sigh – we camped him for around 2 hours so all of us could have updates but the very nice company made it very bearable indeed. 

Also, the next night found Killy camping that very same room for some guildmates to get their dreadknight updates for Hooloh’s hat.  Man oh man we killed him 4 times to get the dreadknights and the guys STILL did not get their updates.

Somewhere in there this weekend was also a pretty fast run thru Unrest.  A Fury guildmate got his girl’s chestplate and *cheers* Killy got her Nem’Ank hat.  As far as Unrest goes, it was a pretty quick and efficient run.  I think my girl only died 3 times the whole zone.

Last night when I logged on after work, it was a pretty quiet night ingame actually.  A few guildmates are getting pretty eager to progress SoD, so I have gotten a little bit more focussed on getting all of those statues collected to finish the Chapter and move on to the named in CMM.  Last night a few of the guys helped Killy with her statues from Kaladim, CMM and New Tunaria, so she is getting there.

In some ways it seems silly to be working a big quest line so close to an expansion, but if I get Killy her Lucanic Hammer and maybe get it upgraded to the Soulfire Hammer, I think it might do her well even with the new Epic weapons that we are expecting in the expansion.  Adorn that weapon and by geez the extra more than 100 to heals will be VERY VERY pretty. 

I also was blushing and embarrased, but thrilled and proud last night when a few guildmates asked me if I would be willing to accept nomination for one of the new guild officer positions.  I know EQ is just a game and all, but it makes you feel pretty nice to know you are respected by your colleagues, even though Killys contribution to the guild does not seem as significant as some other members of the guild at times.

So what is on the cards for this week ingame?  Well, we have an MoA raid planned for Tonight, and AoAx2 planned for tomorrow night.  I may not have mentioned but Killy got into a pick up MoA raid on my birthday and now proudly wears her neck piece.  It will be neat to get this raid done cos there are a few folk in guild who will have a new piece to wear after tonight hopefully!

Enough chitter chatter for now I guess.  Happy gaming all 🙂