Well, after getting home from work last night and taking care of all the usual bits and pieces – it was time to log on for our Tuesday night raid – this week we had the Epic component of MoA scheduled.

Well – thanks to our trusted Troll MT it all went off without a hitch.  Some fights were a wee bit messy but we never wiped once the whole raid.  It took us probably less than half an hour once we all got zoned in got everyone together and sorted.

The last named in particular was an awesome pull by the big boy 🙂  We had easily 10 people with aa dings and even more with new MoA neck pieces to wear.  What a fantastic result.  Killy also excelled herself with an awesome heal parse greater than double the next healer in raid (which sounds impressive till i mention all the other healers in raid were dual boxing lol).

After raid started breaking up, one of the guys asked if anyone was interested in a trip to CMM.  It was real early so I put my hand up.  My oh my that zone is like a nightmare.  The place is full of nasties – and is certainly very very unforgiving.  We had a pretty good group together imho – Necro, Swashy, Coercer, Zerker, Fury and Killy.   We had our little plate, chain, leather and cloth wearing butts smote all over the walls and floor.

Killy had not been to some parts of the Castle before.  I am thinking that if we take trips into there from time to time though – we will learn more about the zone and it wont seem so daunting.  Same as we have sort of found with Unrest.

It is neat that there are still some challenges for players – even those who are 70/70/100aa,  and pretty dang well equipped with quite a bit of high end gear and master spells.  Getting some of  our SoD updates may be a bit difficult unless we can get together enough people – but we shall pass that bridge when we come to it 🙂

Had a nice chatter with Stargrace today too.  She was all excited about the return of lots of her Fury umm I mean Warden girls housing items.  Seems that she has been happily redecorating with SoE customer service coming thru for her again 🙂

Take care and happy hunting all 🙂