Well last night was a very messy night and we did not achieve much in game – but I was still having a good time hanging out with my guildies.

I thought we were doing AoAx2 last night – but actually we were doing AoAx4.  Last week we killed Gorenaire (I am a bad speller) and last night was Tallendors turn.  He is one mean and nasty dragon. 

So we pretty easily got ourselves past the first mobs at the door and up the elevator.  Up again to the Second floor and there he was.  Such an impressive sight.

Now we tried him easily more than half a dozen times – and each time we ended up in trouble.  At first,  we seemed to do OK – getting only the 2 adds for the MT spawning each time the AoE went off.  But somehow, when we got to a certain point, we seemed to end up over-run by those little adds.   Not to worry – we will get him one day.

*giggles* the first time MT pulled the dragon, both Killy and the MT Shaman got smooshed.  I had cast Sanctuary and the Shammy had cast bolster before the pull – so we were a little snack for the big dragon 🙂

Now there are sort of 2 related things that I got to thinking about last night as the raid went on and wound up.  Killy absolutely aced the heal parse again – surprisingly over the MT Shammy who was not 2 boxing, although the shaman is not that players main toon.

The combats last night were an absolute nightmare for DoT’s and Killy spent a lot of time curing – but I was wondering if I did not spend enough time curing.   A lot of the time I was worried about our heroic troll with his health going into the yellow and orange and while I did indeed cure the MT as quickly as I could, I was more focussed on keeping his health up, and the Shaman too.  This meant that sometimes other members of the group had DoT’s on them longer than they should have I guess.   If the MT health was fine then I would cure away to my hearts content.  I dont think anyone died at all in our group from these DoT’s, but should I be curing DoT’s and trusting in the other raid healers to cover MT health?

Now I am not completely obsessed with my girls heal parse – but it is imporatant to me to do my part well.  The heal parse is one part of that IMHO, but it is not the be all and end all.  I think I have a pretty good balance going.  I guess there is no point curing the MT Swashy with near full health if the MT is about to die.  I guess it is just the way it is with us healers – we dont like to see ANY deaths.

I guess my conclusion was that a good MT Templar will indeed look after the MT and his shaman for the wards.  The other healers have their own groups to look after, and they can certainly help with panic healing the MT – but healing MT is my main job.  Curing as many of the nasty DoTs as I can certainly is right up there, but there is no point curing first if he is going to die.  I know that there are some DoTs that will definitely kill if they are not cured, but generally know that before fighting those particular mobs.  Those cures will go off before any heals of course.

So – that was another evening of fun and games in Norrath.  As always, Happy hunting everyone 🙂