Well last night we got 15 people together.  We were scheduled to do labs and decided to see how far we could get.  Killy was joined in MT group by a new Shaman.  This shaman is the new main of a regular guild member.

As we commenced proceedings, we discussed among the two of us who would be responsible for curing.  I had been thinking about it a wee bitty since last Wed, and I had chatted with Stargrace about this and always respect her advice. 

We made a decision between us that Killy would do the group cure arcane, the defiler would do the group cure noxious and then we would each be responsible for point cures on ourselves and 2 other members each.   That seemed to work an absolute treat.  Having designated that responsibility meant that we really didn’t have DoT’s hanging around on anyone for too long at all.  Only 2 times it happened that I used my group cure arcane, and during its 30 second recast timer another group arcane DoT went off 😦  but that is something that you just have to adjust too as a good healer.

Through the entire raid we had NO DEATHS up until the corsolander.  We wiped once on the corsolander and once on Vyemm and cleared the zone woooooooot.  IMHO I think the entire group did an absolutely fantastic job and we had a good time doing it too 🙂

Now – I am ashamed to admitt that I was just a little dissapointed that my girl did not parse first on the heal parse.  But, I am very happy to say that the order of the heal parse looked as it should have been.

 MT Shammy 1.35 Million.  Killy 910K Followed by the DPS fury, DPS Templar, then Inquis for mage group.

It feels to me like a huge huge gap between our defiler companion and my girl.  I am wondering if that is normal to have such a huge gap.  I must chat with some more experienced raid Templars (oh I wonder who that could be *grins*) to see if that is their usual experience 🙂

Other than that, this weekend was quite a busy one offline – so my only playtime this whole weekend was Sunday night raid.  My new PC is build but it is having some teething problems so I didn’t get the chance to use it for raid last night.  Might spend some time tonight getting it sorted before tomorrow nights raid which would be neato.

 Anyhow, enough of my little ramblings.  As always – happy hunting all 🙂