Well I know that it is almost a week since the last game update and the release of the new SoF zone.  My poor girl felt left out because she had not been there yet 🙂

I made a deal last week with my brave troll warrior friend, and last night we got a group together and Killy took her first run down there.  I love the visuals of the zone but pretty soon learned to hate those little imp critters.  Their DoT’s are appaling and I hate them 😦  If Killy gets hit with that DoT first up – Stunned cant cure cant heal – Just has to stand there watching the tanks health going down.  It sort of felt like I spent more time stunned than actually healing lol – but know that was not the case really.

Saw the Dracolitch – woah he is handsome, but we only admired him from afar at this point hehe.

I could almost cry with the aa last night that was going to waste so close to the expansion though.  There was quests completed, named killed and discovery aa too.  I was almost tempted to wait until the expansion to go in there , but patience has never been one of my strong points hehe.

I am sure we will go down there again plenty of times.  Unlike zones such as CMM and the Catacombs where it is really important to keep close to your tank, I think that this zone is one where it is probably important for Killy to stay away from the action to try and avoid some of those DoT’s, but that will take careful careful observation to make sure I dont attract adds.

Since I have been doing basically ZIP dps with Killy lately – I have also decided to respec her aa to go down the mana cures line instead of the smite wrath line.  Considering that when ever I adventure I am either with a tank in a group, or it is in raid, a reactive heal from the cures could really be much more beneficial to her I think.  

I have discussed this with my regular tanking partner in crime and we are going to try it out and see how it goes.  Meh – worst that can happen is I dont like it and I respec again – no harm done at all.

On other related news – I was absolutely thrilled last night when guild leader asked me if I was willing to accept a guild officership.  When I was chatting with Stargrace, she said she was not really surprised, but I genuinely was quite shocked.  I am very humbled that some of my guildmates think I deserve the title, it makes a girl feel nice when others give you such a vote of confidence.

Anyhows – better get on with the rest of my day!!  Happy hunting all 🙂