Last night raid leader had scheduled us to revisit AoAx4 to kill Talendor for some folks to get DT Access.  Well we had 3 full groups just from the guild, and very quickly picked up a few folks from outside the guild to join us.

We changed things around a bit.  We had 6 healers on and 2 troubadors.  We had a co-ercer and an illusionist, but *cries* no dirge in MT group for power regen 🙂

We had Defilier, Killy and a regular groupmate Fury in MT group with a trouby and the Illusionist.  All I can say is badaboom badaboom!!!.  Talendor went down like a sack of potatoes, 6 guildies now have DT access and 8 guildies had aa level dings.  Outstanding!!

Now I know it is a bit late and all , but Killy did actually start her DT access quest last night too.  Not so bad really, thinking about the AA and XP when I eventually get around to finishing it because RoK will no doubt be out by then.

So tonight is Deathtoll raid.  Looking forward to it.  Whilst I am very very jealous of his heal parse lol it is wonderful to have a dedicated Shammy in MT group now.  I think it will help us to get further in DT for sure.

After the boys got their DT access last nite, raid leader had a chat with me.  A girl could get seriously self conscious with all this attention, but Killy has been designated raid heal leader, and will have access to the raid officer channel. 

I really really really can not express how humbled I am, and surprised and embarresed but thrilled with the further vote of confidence all at once.  Yes EQ is just a game, but it does feel nice to have your contribution valued.

Once again yesterday, I was struck by the power of our online friendships.  I spent quite a lot of time worrying about one of my online friends even though we have never met.   He has quite a lot of very serious things going on in his life,  but I was questioning whether or not it was healthy to harbour such concern. 

I compare it though to the friendship of a work colleague I guess, and I dont think it would cross my mind as unusual at all if I was this concerned about someone I had met face to face and had regular contact with.  I guess it just feels wierd to be concerned about someone whom you have not met face to face. 

Anyhow, best get on with the rest of my day.  Happy gaming all 🙂