It came to my attention yesterday that a guildmate had stumbled apon my blog and has been lurking for a wee while.  He then passed this information along to another in game buddy *blush*.  I guess it had to happen sooner or later eh.  Hiya boys 🙂

Now last nights adventure was a planned trip down to Deathtoll.  I think this is only the 3rd or 4th time I have visited the zone.  The first time was the night Killy dinged 70.  For the first half a dozen pulls or so I had an absolute shocker.  My timing for sanctuary absolutely SUCKED and my usually friendly MT didn’t let me forget it either lol. 

After we got past the first named though, things settled down nicely.  Killy was assigned her duties as the main liason between Raid leaders and healers.  She made her first organisational requests to make sure that the MA had dedicated healers for off tanking some adds, making sure MT group was covered for cures etc.

Speaking of which.  For the first time ever I got grumpy at our MT.  Just before the cheeky named Gnome, there is an eyeball that has a charm that makes the tank attack his own allies.  I remembered this from my last trip and was ready with cures.  But darn it – when the eyeball hit him he had 3 levels of DoTs.  He called for me to make sure I cured him as the second DoT was coming off.   I was doing my job so got very grumpy when he thought I was not.  Le sigh – all forgotten now but I feel bad about letting something so silly get me annoyed lol.

Well that whole zone of DT was absolutely DoT city, so lots of curing going on last nite for sure.  I hope I get used to my heal parse –  Last night I was barely parsing 2/3 of my defiler colleague, but know that a lot of my contributions are not necessarily measured on the parse which is just fine too.

Anyhow – so after around 2 hours with no wipes which was great, we got close to the end of the zone.  We decided to skip the last named before Tarinax – a snake in the water i believe but i dont remember his name – because time was not on our side.

Well we walked out of the corridor and into the chamber and there was the dragon in all his glory.  Woah he is an impressive looking boy!!.

We tried and failed to take down the big T a few times – and called it a night.  We did only have barely 3 groups so I think to get that far was a pretty damned impressive.  This is the first time I have gotten past the pesky Gnome, and heck we had a wee bit of fun doing it 🙂

As far as loot goes, there was not a whole lot of love happening – but our defiler got himself a few pieces which was neat for him.  A very nice looking belt dropped, but Killy didn’t roll because she got a very very pretty belt from the Corsolander on Sunday night.  Other than that, if I recall the hurler boy dropped a nice fabled one handed piercing weapon for a scout.

Dunno what the next few days in game will hold – I am actually pretty keen now to get claymore to the point of just needing Tarinax.  If memory serves I am needing AoAx2, the named Epic in Bonemire, and a few other wee bits and pieces including a run to HoF.  I also have to finish getting my 50 Statues for SoD.  I will want to be doing my RoK epic questline on Killy and have heard that we will need both SoD and Claymore completed to do so.

Today marks 6 months since I started my blog and Killy joined her guild.  It was kinda cool to look back over some of my early entries and see how noobishly excited I was and to see how much I have changed as a player.  I have met a lot of very nice folks too, and it is lovely to have my blog as memories of some of the fun I have had.

Anyhow, off to get on with the rest of my day – happy gaming everyone!!