Well, with another busy weekend offline over, I still have some fun and games to report!.

As I have mentioned a few times, we have a group of us in the guild who are all at the same point in Claymore, and have been progressing it together for some weeks now.  So Friday night saw us get the group together and get the next step done.  We are now up to AoAx2.  Once again, the camping of the updates for the tomes was frustratingly slow at some times, but the nice company made it enjoyable and fun.

After I got home on Saturday night from a good friends wedding, I logged on to have a quick muck around and do some tinkering with Killy.  I had the most wonderful time talking with Stargrace and giggling with some guildmates for a little while.

Sunday night saw us raiding Labs.  And all I can say is what a night!!.

We had 17 folks.  We absolutely aced the zone.  We did not wipe even once, and the only deaths were a couple of the mages.  We killed Corso and Vyemm first time we pulled them.   I swear that it was the best raid I can remember attending.

As for loot – it was hilarious.  Our defiler scored himself the lions share of the loot!  We were making fun of him, but really and truly it is good for the whole raid that he is pimped.  Much better for him to get lots of pretties than for them to rot.  Killy rolled for some loot at the end and could not manage to roll double figures on her /rand 100 rolls lol.

So, another weekend of fun and games in Norrath over and done. 

This week will see Killy continuing to work on her Tinkering, and we have raids scheduled in HoS and Deathtoll.   I am hoping we should get further than Pain and Suffering in HoS now we have our defiler.  In addition, it would be nice to see us get the big T when we hit Deathtoll.  But we shall see.

Happing hunting as always 🙂