Well after such an awesome raid Sunday night, I was looking forward to some more fun in Norrath.

Well fun fun fun we had.  Got together with my honourable troll guard friend, our very cute Elf fury friend 🙂  and a couple of other guildies to get them their SoD statue in Unrest. Not to mention Killy was hopeful to get her chestplate 🙂

Well it was the best run I have ever had in Unrest.  We managed to get all the way to the second last combat of the entire zone before we died le sigh.  The troll got his boots, and the coercer got both his chestplate and the Cloak of Unrest 🙂  WD to him but the chest plate was supposed to be mine lol.  Killy also won lotto on a beautiful Legendary healer/caster ring.  However, I already wear 2 legendary rings and decided to give it to my Fury friend as it was a HUGE upgrade for his girl.

Killy healed around 1 million points of damage in our little foray, and my Fury companion around 650K with some very nice DPS.  I have to learn to stop worrying so much about the numbers.  Intellectually I know that some of the most important stuff my girl does will not show up on the parse lol.

We have also been trying a whole bunch of things in groups to see what we can do about maxing out Killys healing and making the most efficient use of her power, as well as discussing some other strategies to help our raid communication go more smoothly.  Much better to do that sort of stuff outside of the pressure of raid situations I say 🙂

So, into HoS we go tonight, and Deathtoll tomorrow.  Looking forward to it very much.

Anyhows, best get on with the rest of my day I guess.  Happy hunting all!