Last night saw us have a little trundle along into HoS with a very tidy looking raid force.  We had I think 21 or 22 so it was looking fantastic.  Now we did indeed have some very untidy fights.  Killy was down to 10% by the time she called back to town and mended.  But IMHO we had a very very good night.

Up until now, I have only ever gotten as far as Pain and Suffering.  Killy currently sports the very pretty Spaulders of Suffering, and last night one of our healers luckily scored the leather shoulders of suffering.    Last night though, the last time we wiped I actually caught my first veiw of Venekor.  Another very impressive looking Dragon isn’t he?

I had been chatting quite a lot with our illustrious lord and master MT *giggle* and we had been talking about some macros and so on that we could try.  He wanted to know when he is buffed to make sure that he does not pull the mobs too soon to give healers aggro.   He was also worried about when our Shaman uses his soul ward, to make sure we know so we can get some heals on him real quick.  So we healers tried a few of those things out and things seemed to go very well.

Well I think that maybe 2 of the wipes were my fault *gulp* because first time I didn’t realise just how quick the cures needed to be, and I was casting other spells.  I especially hated the guy with the Trauma DoT.  He put the poor Troll down like a proverbial sack of potatoes first time 😦   Now I know that the only thing I do on that guy is just trauma cures constantly.

Also on pain and suffering, I think I was just the weeniest bit too slow with one of the DoTs and the poor MT ended up with no power.

OK so I have become so completely obsessed with Killys heal parse too – I actually was quite dissapointed last night.  However, I need to just keep telling myself numbers shmumbers – there were several combats that I had to do nothing but cure and absolutely NO HEALS. 

Stargrace told me I should be less conscious of the heal parse unless there is trouble taking down mobs that should be achievable.  We would not even have been able to kill maybe 2 of the named we did last night without Killy just sitting there spamming cures at the MT so she was doing her job.  It is more important that I take care of cures so our Shaman can take care of wards and heals bless him.  He had a 1.4 Mill heal parse last night – poor Killy only 660K.  Looks like I have another boy to look after along with the top DPS parser and MT 🙂

So it is off to DT we go tonight.  I am pretty confident we can get our way to the big T.  If we have the same raid force tonight then I reckon we might even have a chance at taking him down, which would be grand indeed.  Claymore finished for probably 3 or 4 of the guild.

More updates soon – Happy hunting all 🙂