Last night saw us head back to DT in order to take down Tarinax for a few of our guildmates to complete Claymore.

After embarrasing myself and accidentally clicking to lead the raid into the zone early (oops *blush*) we got on with the work at hand.

We did have some issues with aggro controll for some of the fights, and some combats were a bit messy – but such is life I guess. 

Our MT got himself a new shiny toy to play with – a very pretty looking axe which procs hate gain.  There was no question who should have had it when it dropped, and he was a happy camper.

In pretty short order we got our way down to Tarinax.  We had a bit of an issue with some naughy worms popping at a very bad time, but a few folks had some miracles available that prevented us from having to fight our way back down.

I was pretty pleased with myself when we also managed to stop the troll hacking the party to shreds after being charmed by the stupid eyeball at the top of the wall half way into the zone.   I called on my defiler colleage to spam a few cure arcanes too and we got things sorted quick smart.

Anyhow – to cut a long story short – Tarinax handed us another whoopin when we got to him 😦  But you know what – I dont really care.  We had a bit of a laugh with the guildies and caused a bit of chaos.  What more could one want?

 Happy Halloween everyone!!