I guess it has been some 2 weeks or so since I last blogged eh. Real life has had me a very very busy little dwarf 🙂 I finished up my job in Sydney and have moved interstate to be back with my family in sunny Brisbane. Getting all settled in now so hopefully life can resume to its normal fun and goodness.

Although I have not been updating my Blog, I have still been playing some, and very much enjoying some new content.

So Killy now finds herself as a lvl 72 Templar, Level 73 Jeweler with 107aa. So far I have completed around 50 quests from Kylong Plains and a few from Fens too. I am going to make sure that I pick up all of those quests on KP and get them done while they are still coloured up for my girl.

Very exciting last night, the guild dinged level 61. I know that there will be a whole bunch of guilds that are already well on their way to 80, but it is a fantastic achievement for our little guild.

I was not on Beta for the expansion, so my very first glimpse was probably 2 days after launch when I logged in for the first time after my move. So what were my first impressions? Well they were overwhelmingly positive to tell you the truth.

I like that the quests are quite achievable solo. It is still quite feesible to group up and scoot through the quests more quickly, but I like that there is so much for solo players too. I like that the quest rewards are quite pretty – in fact I have already replaced a piece or 2 of Killys gear. However I do find the xp progression to be quite slow. I suppose the reason for this is that you dont want people scooting through to level 80 in two days and then get bored with things, but 2% for quest turn ins feels pretty slow.

My other main impression is that the graphics feel like they are becoming more stylised. The one area that really gave me that impression was the Yetti’s and the entrance into TG – reminded me very much of the Dwarven starting area in that other mmo *grins*

So all in all – a busy few weeks, but glad to be getting back into a routine:) Looking forward to catchin up with more of my in game friends.