Well yet another weekend of fun both in and out of game.

Out of game I am loving being close to my family again.  The oodles of dogs in the family make life such a pleasure.  They are so full of personality and really make a house into a home.  The newest addition to the fur baby family is only 20 weeks old so a bundle of fun and he wears out all the others!

In game the last couple of days has been pretty cool.  Killy has been working on her SoD with some guildies – nice xp and some aa.  In addition, I have been working some quests in KP, TG and Highton.  Not to mention a few in Fens.   I am loving that a lot of the quests are solo in the xpansion.  Even Killy can do them as a templar with awful dps – even if it is slow slow slow – and did I mention slow 🙂

Our regular Sunday nite raid was scheduled for Labs.  Worked quite well cos Killy had her Claymore updates for labs that she needed so wuwu – but DOH.  Our poor MT who is also raid officer was getting moaned at from all directions because people didn’t want to do labs again.  I got quite grumpy because I think we should stick to the raid schedule, not to mention that we have a whole bunch of new recruits in the guild who would have benefited from a run thru labs.  I also thought it was poor form that some of the guild officers openly did not support the raid officer – but I guess that is what happens when you have more than 2 people together – there will always be differences of opinion.

Anyhow, we ended up going to the Throne of New Tunaria which was kinda fun.  I dont remember that we had ever been there before so that was cool.  We checked things out and hopefully can have a bit of fun there.

As well as all this adventuring fun, Killy has been crafting hard to keep up with the scout boys levels.  Our guild is not a hard core guild at all so we dont have anyone at or near 80 yet – but MT swashy and briggand are both 75.   So today sees Kil sitting at 73 Templar, 75 Jeweler and 110aa.  Not a bad effort considering I have not been very focused in game and had a pretty slow start with all the busyness in real life with moving house.

Killy is also plum out of crafting vitality so I jumped across to Chalithra to do some carpenter levels.  Got her about 3 which was pretty neat.  Bring it on for all the pretty decorations for Killys Hall 🙂  It is coming on slowly but surely.  Once I get Killy to 80, I reckon I will get my little Fury girl doing some more adventuring.

So enough burbling on for today – off to have some quality time with the fur babies 🙂  As always happy hunting all!