Well, with most of our core raid group being now between 73 and 75, raid leader thought that it would be nice to check out some new zones in EoF that we had not been able to consider before.

So – Tuesday and Wednesday  found us raiding MMIS and Emerald Halls.

Well we died a lot – but I really dont think anyone minded at all.  It was nice to have new scenery, new mobs and to be checking it all out together as a group.   The xp debt is slightly annoying and so is the huge repair bills, but meh all good fun.

One funny moment we had was in MMIS.  MT calls and lets us know mob is incoming – the defiler and I ward him up and I cast sanctuary and then – splat a very very dead MT getting hit for like 17K worth of damage lol.

Oh and I do have to say that the mobs in EH are more than just annoying with their stupid debuffs – I am gonna have a look and see if there is a way we can help that or else I need to write a macro to constantly re-buff at least MT cos he looses loads of health if he looses my buffs.

Last night then I continued on with my guildmates towards completeing SoD.  We had a great time running around.  Killy was the only healer – some combats I dont know how the heck I managed to keep the MT up lol but managed to end the night with only one death.  Now we have only one page left to go and then I believe it is on to some named.

Killy earned herself around 25% xp and around 50% toward her next aa with that little romp through CMM last night so not altogether unhappy with that hehe.

I think today I shall spend a we bitty of time crafting to get to 76 jeweler.  Looking forward to scribing the recipes for the fire emerald jewelery.

As always – happy hunting all 🙂