I can heardly believe it myself… but yeah it pretty much HAS been a year since I last posted.

While the excitement of real life adventures may have kept me from posting, it certainly has not kept me from playing.  With my excitement about the release of The Shadow Odyssey today, it just seems like a great time to give in to my desire to write again.

As i read back over my last few postings at the end of last year I am struck by a couple of things.

Firstly I am struck by how much things have stayed the same in game.  Killy is still a member of Pax Fatalis on the Guk server, and she has spent almost all of her time with the same lovely group of folks adventuring through Norrath.  So a big virtual /hugz to the intrepid band of adventurers that I now affectionately call “my boys”.  Wazza (Troll Guardian AKA the big green grumpy Troll), Danonia (Ratonga Coercer, Master of Minds) Shandris (Dark Elf Swashie aka Skittish the Ratonga Dirge), Topo (Ratonga Brig) and Sytiva (Saucy Dark Elf SK).

Secondly,  I was struck by how much had also changed with the various game updates even though I have written so little about Killys adventures through RoK.  Killy and “her boys” have had a hoot causing much chaos and slayage throughout Kunark, with such a wonderful mix of characters and a great raport between the players.  We are by no means a “hard core” group.  All of us have jobs and family committments, but it has been fun to enjoy so much of the content available in game.

So over this last year, not only has Killy leveled to 80 Temp/80 Jeweler /140aa, but *gasp* I have also been levelling an alt (Nanytya the Paladin) along with leveling many of my crafters.  Perhaps I will capture some of Nanytyas adventures though Kunark at the same time as Killy levels through TSO.

So, being based Down under, servers went down at 6pm last night local time for the expansion, and they were not expected to come back up before I left for work this morning (if I read the notices correctly).  In their INFINITE wisdom, SoE apparently were not shipping retail boxes to Australia or New Zealand, so it is digital downloads for us all.  I am hoping that it wont take TOO long for my download to run and I will get online when I get home from work tonite.

I have deliberately stayed away from BETA and reading too much about what to expect in this expansion, so I am going to enjoy discovering and adventuring the new zones with the boys.

Cheers all and happy hunting!!