At the end of last year I moved interstate from Sydney to Brisbane.  Now Brisbane is quite a bit further north , and I so I am still getting used to living through sub-tropical storm season.   Last night shortly after I sat down to play – the skies lit up with the most spectacular lightning show, and what followed has reportedly been some of the worst weather in decades.   *sigh* So not much EQ2 for me – I had enough time to log in and chat a little with some guildies and a little bit of crafty goodness basically.

What fun though – because I was crafting some pretties for one of my little baby girls that I have really been enjoying playing.

A couple of years ago now my little nephew and I were trying to come up with the most bizarre concept for a toon in EQ2.  Between us, we came up with the concept of Shaza the Ogre Mage, and so a very ugly Ogre Necro was born. 

Until the last few weeks, she has only really been used as my Armoursmith girl.  However, one evening I found myself at a bit of a loose end.  Nanytya had been adventuring together with some guildies doing faction quests for her Teleport Hammer in JW and I did not want her to progress ahead of them.  Killy was having a well deserved rest before the expansion, so I thaught I would take Shaza out for a spin… and WOW.  I almost instantly fell in love with the class.

I have had a little bit of trial and error while I start to learn how to properly use a pet, and I must remember that this girl has Invis.  Right now Shaza stands at a lvl 23 Necro with just under 20aa.  I cant remember exactly, but I think my newest little girl has completed just over 110 quests already.

So I made her up in Freeport all that time ago,… but with the DoF carpets now, it is a snack to travel between Freeport, Guild hall, TImorous Deep, Neriak and Darklight woods.  This is a MARVELLOUS thing that SoE have done making travel between zones so much quicker.  While I am sure some may disagree, I think that having to spend too much time to get between zones is frustrating and breaks the feeling of being immersed in a fantasy world.

I have found that Shaza is leveling incredibly fast – barely 4 or 5 quests per level at this stage.  I have decided that I will NOT switch of my combat xp on this girl, since completing greyed out quests still awards xp and aa credit now.

I have really enjoyed solo questing to be honest.  I have done all the quests Lvl 10 and above that I could find in Timorous Deep and Darklight Woods.  I am getting ready to move her out into Thundering Steppes / Nek / Butcherblock.  At the moment I have pretty much employed the strategy of sending in the pet, calling it back so I dont pull adds, then nuking the heck out of the poor unsuspecting mobs.  I am sure that a larger variety and more complex strategies will be required as she levels, but that is part of the fun. 

I have concentrated on Intelligence, and Agility, with some Wisdom and Stamina thrown in for good measure.  Her Strength at the moment is DEFINITELY her weakness – such is the life of a mage I guess :p  I am used to girls that carry around 32 slot boxes for inventory so it is different getting used to 16 slot backpacks hehe.

I have asked our main guild Necro for his advice and ideas which always helps too:)

I have found that the quest rewards particularly in Timorous Deep are outstanding.  Since she is leveling so quickly, at this point I have been VERY Selective around which spells I have upgraded to Ad3, and really have not made too many mastercrafted armour or jewelery for her at this point.  I think that once she reaches 32 that might change as she slows down levelling and she outgrows her quest rewards.

I think I will level this girl up – not fast- just have fun with her.  With a high lvl Healer and Tank I dont think that there is any rush at all.  All fun and games.

Happy hunting as always!